2 New Findable Books in Sons of the Forest – Enchanting Table Location

Are you ready to evolve your Sons of the Forest experience with the 2 New Findable Books, which includes the Enchanting Table, to upgrade your weapons and tools?

enchanting table sons of the forest

Item Number 1, Enchanting Table Location

To find the Enchanting Table you will need to head to the new cave which has been introduced in Patch 12. You can find it in the top right (North East) of the map, near the golf course! You can take a look on our interactive map to help you find the location.

new cave entrance

As enjoyers of MMO’s, we have dubbed this the Enchanting Table, but were not sure of the official name. The idea behind this new structure is that you can upgrade your weapons and tools. You will need to use various materials to do this including the new Solafite Ore.

We’ve put together an Advanced Enchanting Table Guide here.

Once you enter the cave, you will need to make your way quite far through. Be careful near the entrance as there is a rope you will need to climb down. As you progress you will also reach an underwater section so make sure you have your rebreather with you as well as oxygen too.

As you exit the water there is two directions you can take, you will want to take the left path and smash down the wood fence, just past this you will find a skeleton with the book laying next to him! This is where you will find the recipe needed to craft the Enchanting Table.

enchanting table

Item Number 2, The Cross Location

To find the book containing theinformation on how to build the solar-powered Cross, you will need to head back to the Cave where you first found the rebreather.

cave entrance

We’ve been really impressed with the consistency and quality of the Sons of the Forest updates. Patch 12 which introduced the Enchanting table and the Cross is brilliant with some great new content.

Once you enter the cave you want to start making your way deeper into the cave until you reach a split in the path, here you want to take the right side path. Keep heading down passed all the hanging skeletons and mobs until you come to another crossroads, just after the cross on your right lying down.

At this split in the road, you want to take the left route. Soon after you will need to break a french and climb down the rope.

You will be met with yet another fork in the road, again you want to take the left path and soon after you will find the recipe down on the floor next to some skeletons.

solar powered cross




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