This is how to use Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest

Solar Panels are one of the latest items to be added to Sons of the Forest. They are a little bit tricky so if you’re struggling with your Solar Panels, this guide should help you.

We are expecting more base items to be released into the game in coming updates, but for now at least we can put lights in our buildings.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Locations

Before you get adding the Solar Panels to your building, you’re first going to need to go and hunt for some. Don’t worry, its not like hunting a Moose! You just need to go savaging in the Supply Crates (The Black Boxes with Yellow Lids). As far as we know, they are random spawns and there is no limit.

On The Roof

Light Bulbs

Once you have a couple of Solar Panels, you’re going to need Wire and Light Bulbs. The Wire and Light Bulbs can also be found mostly inside the Supply Crates (The Black Boxes with Yellow Lids), the same as Solar Panels.

Light Bulb

Confirmed Solar Panel and Light Bulb Location

If you’re not having luck with finding any Solar Panels or Light Bulbs, you can head over to Maintenance Bunker A, which has x2 Solar Panels and x2 Lightbulbs inside.

You can find the locations on our interactive map.

Maintenance Bunker A

How to Place the Solar Panels?

To place the Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest you will need to open your inventory and equip the Solar Panels. Once you have equip a panel you need to place it on a slanted roof.

Slanted Roof

How to Wire up the Solar Panels?

Wiring up the Solar Panels can be a little complicated, but once you know how, its quite easy. Once you have placed your Solar Panel on the Roof, equip your Wire and head inside the building. You will see the Wire coming through the roof where you placed your Solar Panel.

With the Wire in your hand, you will see a white arrow appear, this is the wire. You will need to place the wires across the log beams where you want your light bulbs to be.

Arrow Down

How to Place a Light Bulb?

Once you have placed the wires in the locations you want your lights to be, equip a Light Bulb in your hand and look at the Wire. You will see the icon change prompting you to place the Light Bulb down.

You can turn the Light Bulbs on or off by looking at the Light Bulb and holding E.

Light Bulb Off

If you place anything down that you don’t like or need, you can hold C to remove it, but be careful as this can also pick up the logs the wires or bulbs are on!

The Night Vision Goggles and Knight V Electric Uni-Cycle have also been added in Patch 03. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!





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