Golden Door

How to Open the Golden Door in Sons of the Forest

Opening the Golden door in this POI is going to progress you to the final cutscenes and the end of the game. We have put together a simple guide to help prepare you and your friends through this chaos and make it out alive!

Opening the Golden Door

You must have some items before going into this.

Access to luxury bunker
Golden Armor

Once you think you are ready, gear up and head to this POI on the map. I have provided screenshots below. It is on a green marker.

Your first sighting will be a set of double doors that looks like it required a keycard but has now sadly been destroyed thanks to the latest Patch 02. So to open this door, you must access the POI near by and unlock the door in the security room.

Once you’ve done this venture on through. Sadly, there is not much to gather from most of these rooms except a lot of nice scenery.

Once you get to the Yellow door, follow the pathway left for the correct direction to go. 

Keep following your way through the area and you’ll reach an interesting room with a reception desk and some paintings. Continue on until you get to a big lounge area, 

In this big lounge area, head towards the bar at the back of the room to get yourself lots of ammo and cash. Make sure to pick all this up and continue to follow it around until you reach the bathroom which leads to the Golden Door.

Head on through the smoke and you’ll reach the Golden Door. Now walk up to this and use the Golden Armor. You will enter an extremely cool looking cave.

How to Open the Golden Door in Sons of the Forest

It’s time to prepare yourself and slowly start heading through the lava cave. Take this slowly, as you can see in the third image, there is a hole. So be careful not to fall down! 

Now, after jumping over this hole and going forward, you will see lots of lava but also lots of enemies. Slowly battle your way through this and keep going forward, just try to avoid not stepping on any lava as you will burn. Keep pursuing forward and you will see Timmy shooting into the Lava.

Now prepare and brace yourself. This is a boss fight! 

The Demon boss is a much larger mutant than the others. It can climb on the ceiling and lunge at you. I would strongly recommend Tek armor and a shotgun. We estimate it takes around 10-15 shotgun slugs to kill this beast. 

Becareful of not standing in the lava as you will take burn damage.

Well done! You’ve defeated the Demon boss. Head through the archway and you’ll activate a cutscene. Watch the crazy cutscene and enjoy the moment. 

Once the cutscene is finally over, you can now make the decision and decide what you wish to do…..

Option A – Step on the Helicopter and get out of there.  

Option B – Turn around and pick your bag up and continue building and exploring the island!

Please note this is early access of the game, so some stuff might change, but hope you found our Golden Door guide helpful. Special thanks to Endnight Games for this incredible game.

We hope you enjoyed the How to Open the Golden Door in Sons of the Forest guide and we can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord. Check our Sons of the Forest Map HERE!




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