How to Open the Golden Door in Sons of the Forest

The mysterious Golden Door is one of the mysterious obstacles you’ll face in the adventure survival game Sons of the Forest. As we unravel its secrets and show you the path to the beyond, join us.

What is the Golden Door?

The Golden Door is the final piece of the Sons of the Forest plot jigsaw and a pivotal juncture in the story. It is distinguished by the impression of an arm, and unlocking its mysteries and advancing the game’s conclusion depends on it.

Golden Door

Golden Door Location

In Sons of the Forest, the Luxury Bunker—located in the eastern section of the map—is the route leading to the Golden Doors. This cave’s many pathways and hidden rooms make it difficult for most players.

Location of Golden Door - Luxury Bunker

Navigating The Golden Door Location

You need to enter the luxury bunker and get the Golden Armor, which is a vital possession for your trip, before you may open this door.

Entrance To Bunker

As soon as you step inside the luxury bunker after reaching its entrance, the surroundings completely shift.

Heading Down

After entering the bunker, proceed through the hallways and stay on the designated path until it ends. Once you’ve reached the end, keep going down until you need to enter a yellow door on the left.

Yellow Door - Left Path

Once you’ve gone through these yellow doors, you should continue left. You will find a body with a letter next to it once you cross through the section and reach the lobby-style chamber of the bunker. This indicates that you’re going in the right way.


Proceed forward and enter the penthouse located inside the bunker through the right entrance. Next, enter the bedroom by going via the left door. Find the restroom in this space. There is a large opening in the wall that you may pass through to enter the bathroom.

Bathroom Hole

Acquiring The Armor Plating Blueprint

If you continue the trail leading through the bathroom hole, you will eventually arrive at the golden doors with a guy standing in front of them. A skeleton with the most recent Armor Plating Blueprint is standing next to this entrance. To open the golden door, you’ll need to create this.

Armor Plating Blueprint

Return to the ground and create this plating to construct an Armor Plater. The supplies you’ll need to build this blueprint are listed below.

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries4x

Creating The Ancient Armor

After creating the Armor Plater, insert some Solafite ore and the Golden Armor into it. Similar to how the Solafite Plating works, you’ll have to protect this from a swarm of mutants while it works. Following the completion of the enchantment, it will transform into Ancient Armor.

Creating The Ancient Armor

Unlocking The Golden Doors

After acquiring the new armor, return to the Golden doors, where you will find the Armor Plating Blueprint to proceed to the next area. You must equip your newly acquired armor to open the Golden doors. Once that’s done, follow the long path to the Hell Cave.

Unlocking The Golden Doors

Once you’re in this area, you will have a companion, Timmy, whom you just need to follow to pass through this cave.


You will eventually arrive at the Hell Cave if you continue on this way. If you come across any adversaries in this region, we advise you to use your Cross. Following Timmy will take you to the lowest point of the cave, where you must use caution to avoid stepping into the blazing lava.

Hell Cave

Once you’re in a magma stream, you must be prepared, as this area will give you the time of your life. Here, you’re going to have to fight another boss to continue.

Boss Area

Fighting First Boss

It can be difficult to kill this monster; you’ll need to spend a lot of ammo to defeat this deadly opponent. Once you’ve defeated the boss, head to the end of this section, where there’s a tiny opening you may squeeze through.

First Boss Fight

Following this path, you will find a lot of resources you can collect to compensate for everything you used to defeat the boss earlier.

Important Resources

As you reach the end of this path, you will then face another huge golden door and a cutscene.

Cutscene 1

Final Boss Fight

You have to face the Final Boss to resume the fight when the cutscene concludes. To take down this boss, you’ll need to use every one of the explosives you found in the previous part of the cave.

Final Boss Fight

Another cutscene where you can choose your path will appear after you’ve defeated the Final Boss. You may turn around, pick up your stuff, and go on exploring and constructing, or you can get back on the chopper and head off the island.

Cutscene 2

How to Open the Golden Door in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you want the full experience, watch our video tutorial below for a thorough tour on where to look and how to uncover the elusive Golden Doors in Sons of the Forest.


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