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How to get in the Final Luxury Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Unlocking the luxury bunker in Sons of the Forest has been a hot topic among fans, especially after the release of Patch 02, which introduced significant story content. This addition makes accessing the bunker essential for progressing to the game’s final area. Let’s delve into the steps needed to unlock this exclusive space and uncover the secrets it holds, ensuring an exciting journey ahead.

What is the Luxury Bunker?

Unlocked by first visiting the Residential Bunker, where players can also obtain its GPS location, this site was previously inhabited by the Pufftons and serves as the apex of the game’s narrative. It houses both the golden cube and the conclusion of the story. Within this bunker, players can uncover a rescued book and an email detailing the efficacy of crosses in burning demons. The Golden Armor is a requirement for progressing into the final area.

Luxury Bunker

Luxury Bunker Location

Unlocking the Luxury Bunker entails several steps. Firstly, head to the Residential Bunker located in the southeast region of the map. For precise guidance on locating it, refer to the image below.

Residential Bunker Location

Navigating The Residential Bunker

Once you’ve discovered the entrance to the Residential Bunker, enter and follow the path until you encounter a hole in the ground, leading to the bunker. Keep in mind that before proceeding further and accessing the Luxury Bunker, you must obtain the Guest Keycard.

Guest Keycard

Once you’ve unlocked the door, head down the stairs and continue to follow the path. After you’re down, look for a yellow door. Once you open the door, it will trigger a cutscene.

Cutscene - Giant Mutant

First Room

Once the cutscene ends, you have the option to leave through the door beside the massive mutant. If you decide to remain in this area, you’ll need to kill several mutants to advance. After successfully handling them, move on to the next section, where you’ll find an open room brimming with collectible items.

First Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Flashlight AttachmentCan be found on a table next to a chess board.
Note #1It is located on the corner computer table
Note #2Located on the ground next to a dead body
Pistol RailLocated on the ground next to a dead body
PistolLocated on the ground next to a dead body

Once you’ve explored all the items in the initial room, continue forward. As you leave, you’ll notice a dead body on the right holding another note. After collecting it, proceed to the next door, ensuring you eliminate any mutants in the area to pass safely.

First Corridor Note

Second Room

With all mutants eliminated, you can now proceed to the second room. Exercise caution, as this area is also inhabited by baby mutants. Similar to the first room, valuable items are scattered here, potentially aiding you on your journey.

Second Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Golf Club (The Putter)Can be found on the couch, where it is stuck on a dead man’s head
Note #1It is also in the middle of the room but is on the floor
Note #2Located also in the middle of the room but is on the floor

Once you’ve gathered all the items in the second room, proceed to the next area. Approach the door at the end and descend the staircase. Along the way, you’ll encounter an open door to pass through. In the lobby beyond, you’ll find a dead body with a Note beside it.

Third Corridor Note

Third Room

After getting the note, you can proceed to the third room, which unfortunately holds the least amount of valuable items you can obtain.

Third Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Cooking PotIt can be found on the left side of the entrance, in a stove next to a microwave
NoteLocated on the computer table as you enter the room

Fourth Room

After collecting the items in the third room, you can advance to the next area. Follow through the open doors, and you’ll come upon the fourth room, which contains a valuable item useful for later stages.

Fourth Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
KatanaThis important item can be found in the middle of the room, located on top of the shelf
Note #1Located on the computer table as you enter the room 
Note #2It is located on the corner computer table
Leather SuitThe item can be found in the corner of the room, where you will find a closet

Fifth Room

After obtaining the important items, you can proceed to the next room, which contains a very important item to progress in the game.

Fifth Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Important LaptopCan be found on the other side of the corner on top of a computer table. This important laptop unlocks the GPS location for the Luxury Bunker
SpacesuitLocated next to the important laptop

Unlocking The Luxury Bunker

After successfully going through all the rooms in this bunker, you’ll be able to reach the important room. After exiting the fifth room on the right side, you will find a room in front of it. Enter the room and use the computer to unlock the Luxury Bunker Keypad.

Unlocking The Luxury Bunker

Exit To The Residential Bunker

Once you’ve unlocked the Luxury bunker, proceed to descend to the lower basement. Follow the staircase and its path until you reach its end, where you’ll encounter two doors. Before unlocking the double doors, make a detour to the door on your left, which leads to another room containing important items.

Item ImageItem NameLocation
Action Camera (Cultists 1)Can be found at the very end corner of the room
RadioLocated next to the Action Camera
BookLocated at the first mortuary table
Golden MaskCan be found on the middle mortuary table, placed on a dead body.

Once you’ve collected all the important items, you can proceed to open the double doors and head towards the exit.

Exit Door

How to Unlock the Final Luxury Bunker in Sons of the Forest Guide

For precise details on how to unlock the Luxury bunker and collect all the important items, including specific location and step-by-step instructions, check out our comprehensive video guide to assist you on your journey!


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