Space Suit Location in Sons of the Forest

The latest Sons of the Forest patch sees the addition of a few new items including a Space Suit that you or Kelvin can wear. You’ll also be happy to know that the devs have included the Log Sled which you would have seen in the original The Forest.

Space Suit Location

The space suit is located in the Residential Bunker. You will find the bunker on the east side of the map next to the large lake just below the mountain. You are going to need to Guest Keycard before you can enter this bunker.

If you’re struggling to find the Space Suit be sure to take a look at our Interactive Map for the location. You will find it by filtering out the Clothes on the left hand side.

Space Suit Item ID:

‘Spawnpickup spacesuit’ – You do not need a numerical ID to spawn the Spacesuit.


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