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Where to find the Katana in Sons of the Forest

The Katana is here to help if you’re searching for a technique to massacre adversaries in Sons of the Forest while saving ammunition for a later time. This tutorial will explain where to locate this useful weapon, which will increase your melee power and increase your chances of surviving.

What is a Katana?

Although it cannot block, the katana in Sons of the Forest is a graceful and quick weapon that is well-known for its power and style. For this reason, some players might not like it even though it offers benefits and drawbacks. The katana looks to have been improved upon in the game, as it is now more proficient than other melee weapons at severing limbs—even before an opponent is vanquished.

Katana In Game Appearance

Katana’s Location

To obtain the Katana, you’ll need to locate the Residential cave. This cave is positioned on the southeast part of the map. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the space suit’s location within the intricate layout of the bunker’s corridors.

Katana Location

Navigating The Katana’s Location

When you reach the Residential Bunker door, go inside and continue down the trail until you get to a hole in the ground that leads to the bunker itself. Emphasizing that you must have the Guest Keycard in order to proceed further is imperative.

Bunker Entrance

Once you’ve successfully unlocked the door, descend the stairs and continue along the path. After reaching the bottom, search for a yellow door. Opening this door will trigger a cutscene.


Important Rooms and Items

Similar to other bunkers in Sons of the Forest, this cave features a crucial room integral to advancing the game’s storyline, along with valuable items essential for later stages of the game. If you’re interested in learning about them, click here! But if you’re only here for the Katana, you can skip to the fourth room.

First Room

After the cutscene concludes, you can exit through the door adjacent to the giant mutant. If you opt to continue exploring this area, you’ll need to eliminate several mutants to advance. After successfully dispatching them, move on to the next area, where you’ll find an open room brimming with collectible items.

First Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Flashlight AttachmentCan be found on a table next to a chessboard.
Note #1It is located on the corner computer table
Note #2Located on the ground next to a dead body
Pistol RailLocated on the ground next to a dead body
PistolLocated on the ground next to a dead body

Once you’ve explored all the items in the initial room, continue forward. As you leave, you’ll notice a dead body on the right holding another note. After collecting it, proceed to the next door, ensuring you eliminate any mutants in the area to pass safely.

First Corridor Note

Second Room

With all the mutants eliminated, you can now access the second room. Exercise caution, as this area is also teeming with baby mutants. Similar to the first room, valuable items are scattered here, potentially aiding you on your journey.

Second Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Golf Club (The Putter)Can be found on the couch, where it is stuck on a dead man’s head
Note #1Located in the middle of the room, on top of a shelf
Note #2Located in the middle of the room, on top of a shelf

You can move on to the next area if you’ve collected every object in the second chamber. Proceed to the final door and take the staircase down. There will be an open door that you can pass through as you descend. There is a dead body in the lobby with a note next to it.

Third Corridor Note

Third Room

After getting the note, you can proceed to the third room, which unfortunately holds the least amount of valuable items you can obtain.

Third Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Cooking PotIt can be found on the left side of the entrance, on a stove next to a microwave
NoteLocated on the computer table as you enter the room

Fourth Room

You can now proceed to the next area after you’ve obtained the items in the third room. Follow the open doors, and there you will find the fourth room which holds a valuable item you can use later on.

Fourth Room

Acquiring The Katana

Once you enter the fourth room, quickly make your way to the middle. There, you will find the magical Katana displayed on its stand.

Acquiring The Katana


After locating the Katana, you will find a note on the corner side of the room on top of the computer table. Another piece of note is located in front of the entrance, also on the table.

Note 1
Note 2

Leather Suit

The leather suit can be acquired at the end corner side of the room. There, you will find an open closet, and inside you’ll find a leather suit.

Leather Suit

Fifth Room

After obtaining the important items, you can proceed to the next room, which contains a very important item to progress in the game. As well as a gear that can help you survive in certain areas of the game.

Fifth Room
Item ImageItem NameLocation
Important LaptopCan be found on the other side of the corner on top of a computer table. This important laptop unlocks the GPS location for the Luxury Bunker
SpacesuitLocated next to the important laptop

Unlocking The Luxury Bunker

You will be allowed to enter the crucial room once you have successfully navigated through every room in this bunker. There’s a chamber in front of the fifth room on the right as you exit it. To unlock the Luxury Bunker Keypad, enter the room and log on to the computer.

Unlocking The Luxury Bunker

Exit To The Residential Bunker

After unlocking the Luxury bunker, proceed to descend to the lower basement. Follow the staircase and its path until you reach its end, where you’ll encounter two doors. Before unlocking the double doors, make a detour to the door on your left, which leads to another room containing important items.

Item ImageItem NameLocation
Action Camera (Cultists 1)Can be found at the very end corner of the room
RadioLocated next to the Action Camera
BookLocated at the first mortuary table
Golden MaskCan be found on the middle mortuary table, placed on a dead body.

You can open the double doors and make your way out once you’ve gathered all the necessary items.

Double Doors Exit

Where to Find the Katana in Sons of the Forest Guide

See our detailed video tutorial for step-by-step instructions and exact information on where to find the Katana and gather all the necessary artifacts, along with a map of the location. It will help you on your quest!


We really hope you found our advice useful in locating the Katana in Sons of the Forest enjoyable. Check out our Interactive Map to learn more about the fantastic locales of Sons of the Forest. We eagerly await your sharing of your works on our Official Community Discord Channel! Finally, a compilation of the most recent game instructions and news may be found on our Sons Of The Forest Homepage. When you have time, you are welcome to look!



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