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Patch 15 – Weapon Holders, New Cannibal Type, Kelvin Actions, New Outfits and more.

Patch 15 is here! This is said to be the final patch before the scheduled 1.0 release in February 2024. Patch 15 brings new actions to Kelvin and a new cannibal type, we can also expect to see a new outfit and a ton of fixes related to performance.

Patch 15

Sons of the Forest – Patch 15

The latest patch from Endnight, the developers from Sons of the Forest has just been released and we are going to go over the patch notes!

This patch gives Kelvin 3 new commands; repair structures, sharpen defensive walls and maintain base. If you ask him to maintain your base he will fill all holders to capacity, complete any in progress structures, repair damage and sharpen placed defensive walls.

There’s also a new findable outfit and new findable blueprint added to the world. We added a new female cannibal type ‘Elise’ who has weapons strapped to her hands, and we added a bunch more detailing to the various camps and cannibal villages across the map as well as adding more findable points of interest. There are now buildable weapon racks and a firewood holder, and we added the ability to build small structures such as birdhouses or torches directly onto trees.

We also added a bunch of memory optimizations which should help with overall stability, a new visual style ‘Found Footage’ that can be selected from the graphics menu, added FSR 2.0 support and fixed and improved a bunch of other issues, all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Patch 15 Features

  • Added new Kelvin abilities and animations for: maintain base, sharpen walls and repair structures
  • New female cannibal type ‘Elise’
  • Added free standing and wall weapon holders
  • Added firewood holder
  • Three new hanging gore types added to trees around world
  • More cannibal villages, bridges, paths and ponds added to world
  • More details/props and gore added to cannibal villages and more new points of interest added to map
  • Added new low lying fog effect
  • Added new decorative papers around camp sites and some new story pickup items
  • Renamed Color Grading setting to Style and added a new style ‘Found Footage’
  • Added FSR 2.0 and added an ultra performance setting for DLSS
  • New dead worker and tactical body poses added
  • Added new findable blueprint to world
  • New findable outfit added to world

Patch 15 Improvements

  • Cannibals will now eat dead deer
  • Added more animal zones for increased coverage of the island
  • Torches, birdhouses, trophy heads and weapon holders can now be attached directly to trees
  • Set slope walk limit lower for the player on terrain so you can no longer walk directly up steep mountains
  • Gore clock now always places vertically
  • Increased distance of fog hemispheres so they don’t pop off
  • Improved look of cooking pot outro animation
  • Sped up connecting to multiplayer servers
  • Pause menu is now blocked while in dead camera mode
  • Improved wooden crate albedo value
  • Optimized reflection probes to lower memory use
  • Optimized dead tactical poser rigs in caves and world
  • Collision for cannibal camp fire optimized and improved
  • Rocks removed from cliff greebles
  • Some sections of beach layouts improved
  • Grass remover added to Dead Cultist prefabs
  • Added flapping cloth pickup to some grave crosses
  • Small pond LOD ranges improved
  • Ocean material and wave adjustments to reduce appearance of repeating patterns
  • Flapping cloth placement cleaned up in villages
  • Held spear no longer flips around onscreen when being unequipped
  • As optimization added actor pooling support for cannibal types
  • Bridge rope can now be placed by aiming at either side of beams
  • Bridge rope is now always on the side that was shown by the preview UI
  • Bridge rope second rope placement preview now shows more accurately where the rope will be
  • Second point of rope bridges can now be placed slightly further away to help with reaching high up structures
  • Enabled partial collapse for bridge floors
  • Enabled pickup spawn for destroyed bridge floor elements
  • Bridge floor planks will now place at the closest position possible to where player is aiming at
  • Dismantling bridge floor planks now removes the ones being looked at
  • Improved table placement logic
  • Improved lag spike duration when loading huge saves with lots of overlapping super structure grids
  • Improved placement calculations for spotlight and other furniture against logs pillar when aiming on its sides
  • Structure ghosts will now always start oriented to the player rather than being oriented to default world space axis
  • Player will now put away lighter to light flare
  • Added a frame delay check to playing audio on the layout group so that adding multiple items to a group can no longer spam audio events. (This speeds up items appearing in inventory)
  • Tabs will now stay open while the page flip happens so that the player does not have to pull them back out again for subsequent presses
  • Shock arrow particle effects are now parented to their target
  • Added custom stippling to stone spawns
  • Suppressed the players idle animation when the grab bag is open so that interacting with items on the gab is easier
  • Improved material and mesh instance cleanup logic
  • Billboard calculations optimized
  • Setup custom default settings when Steam Deck or Low end pc detected
  • Added pooling to some objects to improve performance and memory usage
  • Converted some Tactical bodies to posers to save memory
  • Improved tree feature activation logic to improve performance
  • Improved Beach Wave memory and performance
  • Set new reference size to match screen resolution when it changes
  • Optimized seasons manager to improve performance
  • Modified some pickups to use primitive colliders
  • World Locators data optimized to improve memory usage
  • Various texture memory optimizations

Patch 15 Balance

  • Added 1.5 second delay to player trigger to all traps after re-arm, except for spring traps
  • Tons more ammo added to end of hell cave to help prepare for end boss
  • Added a basic noodle soup recipe and added buffs to some recipes that were lackluster
  • Cave D added more set dressing to make path out clearer
  • Increased Kelvin energy recover while resting

Patch 15 Fixes

  • Fixed some cannibal types (Frank, Henry, Igor) sometimes walking and attacking while missing a limb
  • Fixed regular cannibal search parties sometimes going to where muddies saw the player
  • Fixed dead body ragdolls having collision still on dismembered parts
  • Fixed heavy cannibal popping back to standing when shot in head with an electrocute status projectile
  • Fixed some carried dead bodies not matching visually when picked up and improved stability of ragdolls when thrown by player
  • Fixed missing material on Virginia track outfit shoes
  • Fixed some duck behaviors not working properly
  • Skinned birds now won’t spawn feathers when hit
  • Improved stability of female cannibal ragdoll and fixed sometimes being distorted
  • Fixed female cannibal attack 180 not playing
  • Fixes various cases of trees and bushes visibility popping in big saves
  • Fixed missing fonts in book and server browser for some languages
  • Translated arrow upgrade type in ammo cycle popup message
  • Renamed texture resolution to Ultra/High/Medium/Low
  • Fixed some issues with save games in multiplayer
  • Fixed wrong/stretched blood map on some dead workers
  • Fix for one sided tarp on stump
  • Missing collision added to some barrels
  • Collision added to wrecked boat asset
  • Fix for some rocks with exposed edges and open edges on cliffs
  • Fix for dark density volume in Ice Cave C
  • Fix for duplicated renderers on raft
  • Clearing stone pickups from points of interest
  • Propane burner set to prop layer to not fall through basic colliders
  • Fix for some broken weapon crates
  • Fixed a small pop during the player’s grab bag idle animation
  • Fixed Kelvin popping into a standing react if he was hit while sitting down
  • Fixed spotlight wire connector not allowing to start a wire on it
  • Fixed placing wire between spotlight and solar panel
  • Fixed plant pillar animation looking forward for nothing then going back down
  • Fixed placing bridge rope on grounded beams sometimes being hard to target
  • Fixed climb rope snap point taking away space from bridge rope snap point
  • Fixed multiplayer clients able to trigger spear trap while empty
  • Fixed multiplayer clients seeing the last spear show up for a frame after throwing one
  • Fixed left side of “lean to” structure having a snap point to overlap a leaning beam over the existing one
  • Fixed placing door planks really fast as multiplayer client resulting in multiple instances of the door from client POV
  • Fixed placing radios on round tables not working
  • Fixed projectiles going through round tables
  • Fixed placing bridge floor planks by looking in void between ropes not working
  • Fixed having a prompt to add bridge floor planks to a rope bridge with only one rope
  • Fixed dismantling bridge rope then cancelling before it goes through moving the rope visual far away
  • Fixed wall supported furniture placing with a visible offset from the support when aiming to the side
  • Fixed issue that caused ziplines linked with trees to be sometimes linked with wrong trees in old saves
  • Fix for cycling the ammo in the shotgun. Now when the ammo is cycled, the player gets the remaining ammo back currently in the weapon and then is forced to reload the weapon with the new ammo
  • Fixed removing 6th log in a defensive wall not working
  • Fixed numerous collision errors that were occurring on various items
  • Fixed null refs when building the basic log sled. This will fix the logs in basic sleds not disappearing when moving far away from the sled
  • Fixed the LOD group distances on the wristwatch
  • Shotgun will now properly load a single round if the reloading action was cancelled by the player
  • Fixed issues with the crafting cog not showing the correct UI based on what is on the mat and if the players inventory is full
  • Fixed issues with the log sled allowing the player to place both item types in the side racks once the LODs have been toggled or the game has been loaded from a save
  • The player grab bag will now properly show the different arrow upgrade types
  • Fixed issue with arrows causing a null ref in multiplayer when shooting an item storage container
  • Fixed null reference host sometimes gets when a client completes a structure while mashing the build button
  • Fix for clients sometimes getting the wrong upgraded arrow types if they are spam picking them up out of storage
  • Fixed null reference on destroy for Collision Proxy
  • Fix to stop errors when attaching to ziplines
  • Fix for null reference error when syncing structures state from server before all the data is received
  • Fix for player being able to do actions while opening hatches
  • Fix for reload UI coming up if the shotgun reload is cancelled after a single shell has been added
  • When an item is rejected from being added to a structure node, only the the player adding the item will now spawn a fake drop item
  • Fixed sometimes getting into a bad state if the player tries to eat via hotkey at the exact time they begin drinking water while having a slow unequipped item equipped
  • Fixed issue where the player would re-equip their weapon in the water if they slid into the water while refilling their flask or drinking water
  • Reduced the animation state blending on the eating of the oyster so that it does not pop into the players hand so quickly
  • Fixed issue with melee weapons first looks not playing if the melee weapon was picked up for the first time while having a ranged weapon equipped
  • Fixed book cover sometimes appearing low resolution
  • Fix for items in inventory not always sheening when new
  • Removed ‘Fight Demons’ tattoo from cultists arms
  • Fixed Raft area calculation getting stuck on
  • Fixes for some plants popping off too soon
  • Added missing dig indicator to Shotgun Grave
  • Fixed layout ordering of cereal in the grab bag so we don’t have floating cereal boxes

Patch 15 Audio

  • Audio added for flying small birds and humming birds
  • Ambient cracking ice sound added to ice caves
  • Made silenced pistol shots louder
  • Widened squirrel footsteps pan
  • Added new audio event for Hummingbird
  • Added story pages mouseover event and made crossbow mouseover and tactical bow mouseover come from same position
  • Added sounds for multi trap snapping shut and better explosion audio
  • Tuned deer audio, bird noises, and mutant tree jump sounds
  • Added metal jump landing player footstep event
  • Fixed spatial audio issues with fire arrows
  • Added gore audio to Grind Trap

If you have any questions regarding Sons Of the Forest or need more info feel free to join our Community Discord. Check out other articles here.




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