How to Build Electric Fences in Sons of the Forest

In Patch 08 you can now build electric fences to help defend your bases! We’ve setup an Electric Fence around our Woodland cabin here to show you how it works!

Build Electric Fences

How to Build Electric Fences in Sons of the Forest

After a few hours of collecting resources and some trial and error building, we figured out what you need to do to Build Electric Fences in Sons of the Forest.

Step 1: Gather your resources! You are going to need sticks, wire and solar panels installed on your base.

Step 2: Build your fence!

Build Electric Fences

Step 3: Place Wire along your Fence.

Step 4: Wire up your fence to your solar panels. This part was the most tricky, you must make sure you have a wire connected to the wood under the solar panel where the wire connects.

Build Electric Fences in Sons of the Forest

That’s basically it! That’s your electric fence setup. We have found that the fences are extremely weak and can be destroyed easily, so be careful around your fences, but they do pack a punch. As we upgrade our little cabin in the woods, we will pop the fences along the outside of the wooden fences.

Make sure to keep coming back here to see constant updates and use our Interactive Map. If you have any questions, feel free to come and meet the community on our Official Community Discord. Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!

Updated Electric Fence




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