Radio Alarm Trap – The Silent Alarm Trap

In the latest Sons of the Forest Patch 09 we are introduced to a new Trap – The Silent Alarm Trap. Along with the Trap we also saw a new Cannibal Type, lots of bug fixes, the placeable radio, and some audio fixes.

In this guide we are going to give you a quick look into the Silent Alarm Trap.

Silent Alarm Trap

How to Build the Silent Alarm Trap

You can find the trap in the build menu alongside the other traps. You will notice it’s named the Silent Alarm. The resources you are going to need for this trap are:

13x Sticks
8x Bones
1x Rock
1x Skull
1x Wire
1x Radio
Silent Alarm Trap

We suggest you place the traps on the outskirts of your base as it’s going to alert you when Cannibals or other enemies are near. The trap will automatically trip once an enemy walks over the stone or the wire. A great use for the trap is to use it to lure in other enemies with the sound of the Radio.

This was the Silent Alarm Trap in Sons of the Forest Patch 09. We’re excited for you to show us your creations over on our Official Community Discord! Be sure to take a look at our Interactive Map if you need help navigating the Island! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free.

Triple Silent Alarms




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