How to Build the Hokey Pokey Trap in Sons of the Forest

For some of you, you may have seen a similar trap to the Hokey Pokey in The Forest! In fact, it may be the same trap. This trap is badass and can deal good damage to anything trying to get into your base!

Hokey Pokey Trap

How to Build Your Hokey Pokey Trap

This trap is designed to take down all kinds of enemies! It is essentially a large ball of stones filled with spikey sticks – extremely painful if it hits you!

Hokey Pokey Build Trap

You will want to be placing this around key points of your base as important defenses. Below is a list of resources you need for each Hokey Pokey Trap you build:

x6 Logs
x10 Sticks
x3 Rope
x15 Rocks

We’ve placed one down outside our cabin to show you what one looks like and we will be building more once we get our defenses up and running! We suggest you place them in key areas of your base.

Hokey Pokey Trap

The Hokey Pokey Trap activates once an enemy walks under the stone spikey ball! Now if the enemy is too fast, there is a chance the trap will miss, so try and use this in tight locations to give the trap its best chance of hitting!

If you’re keen to discuss the Hokey Pokey Trap more, you can do so on our Official Community Discord or on the Official Steam Page for SOTF. Make sure to keep coming back here to see constant updates and use our Interactive Map. Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!

Bad-ass Trap




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