Sons Of The Forest Leg Lamp Location

Have you ever wanted to add some light to your humble house? The leg lamp location in the game is a lucky find for you. Among the many mysteries that hide in the shadows in the bizarre world of Sons of the Forest, the recognizable leg lamp will serve as a lighthouse of fun. Accompany us as we set out to find its place and help you construct it.

What is a Leg Lamp?

The leg lamp illuminates the area around it with a cozy glow while functioning as a light source for your house. The leg lamp is a good addition if you’ve been looking for a distinctive furniture piece that not only offers style to your area but also illumination.

Leg Lamp Appearance

Leg Lamp Location

You will need to travel to the eastern edge of the forest for you to find the Leg Lamp location. When you get there, look for a unique cottage that sticks out. See the illustration below for detailed instructions on locating the Leg Lamp.

Leg Lamp Location

Acquiring The Leg Lamp Blueprint

Upon discovering the strange cabin in the forest, feel free to enter. At its center, you’ll notice an entrance to a cave obstructed by wooden planks. Break through them and descend into the cave. Once underground, take your time exploring as it’s filled with various collectible items and the leg lamp location.

Valuable Items

After gathering the valuable items in the area, turn your attention to a table where a skeleton sits above it. There, you’ll finally discover the Leg Lamp location, patiently awaiting your claim.

Acquiring The Leg Lamp Blueprint

Crafting The Leg Lamp

Now that you have the blueprint and know how to use it, let’s light up your base and improve your visibility at night. You’ll need the following supplies to make the lamp:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Animal Hides1x
Light Bulbs1x

Once you have gathered all the supplies, choose a location to build the lamp and open your making book. Once the area has been designated, go ahead and start positioning the components to put the lamp together.

Crafting The Leg Lamp

Remember that you must connect this lamp to a power source to use it. Installing a solar panel to collect solar energy and connecting it to a battery can do this. After setting this up, connect the lamp’s power source to the battery using cables.

Connecting To Power

Where To Find Leg Lamp Blueprint Guide

If you’re seeking a detailed guide on obtaining the Leg Lamp location and step-by-step crafting instructions, look no further. Our video below offers an in-depth walkthrough to aid you on your journey through Sons of the Forest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize the Leg Lamp in any way?

Unfortunately, because of its unique look, the Leg Lamp cannot be altered from its original design. However, its distinct and eccentric style gives your base or shelter appeal and individuality, making it a memorable aspect of your Sons of the Forest adventure.

Is the Leg Lamp purely decorative, or does it provide any gameplay benefits?

The Leg Lamp is primarily a decorative piece, but it also functions as useful illumination, which may improve vision in your base or shelter, particularly at night or in dimly lit locations. It is a useful addition to any player’s inventory in Sons of the Forest because of its dual function as an ornamental and functional piece.


We trust you found the Leg Lamp location guide engaging. Explore our Interactive Map to uncover more about the captivating locales in Sons of the Forest. We’re excited to see your creations shared on our official community Discord channel! Additionally, find the latest game instructions and news compiled on our Sons Of The Forest Homepage. Feel free to browse whenever you have a moment.


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