Patch 14 ??? Artifact Item Location Guide


You can find all the Sons of the Forest Artifacts on our Interactive Map.

Patch 14 has just dropped along with the next ??? Artifact. They mentioned that this is the second to last ??? as well, meaning that the next patch will be the final ??? Artifact to come – we are expecting a massive patch next month!

Patch 14 ??? Artifact Location

The latest ??? Artifact item location is in the new cave which was also introduced in Patch 14. You will find this at the North East side of the Island relatively close to the water. Head into the little village and you will find access to the cave in one of the houses.

??? Artifact Cave

As you enter the house, you will see some wooden planks on the floor that are a bit out of place compared to the rest. You will need to chop your way through these planks, which gives you access to the cave – pretty cool!

??? Artifact Cave

Once in the cave, start to make your way through, you will come across a Skeleton with a note, and just behind him another wooden wall which you will need to axe down. Push through the cave but be careful as there is a rope down into the water at the bottom. Keep making your way through the cave until you come across yet another rope down. This is where you will come across a group of skeletons with their arms out towards the ??? Artifact… It looks like they are frozen in time.

??? Artifact

We hope you found this mini Guide to the latest ??? Artifact Location useful. If you have any questions regarding Sons Of the Forest or need more info feel free to join our Community Discord or check out other articles here.




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