Hard Survival Difficulty Guide And Information

Hard Survival Difficulty

One of the biggest changes with Sons of the Forest Update 6, is none other than the hard survival difficulty, which will let you be miserable in the absolute best way. This is on top of other changes that make surviving in the game a bit harder: an example is the nice new addition that food buffs duration lasts 4 hours in-game, which was previously 8 hours, and the medical supplies’ spawn rates in crates are significantly reduced. Also resting is now modified by how comfortable you are (e.g. Nice clothes and foods make resting more efficient).

But the biggest addition is hard mode. In hard mode, Food spawn rates in crates have also been reduced. No item storage crate respawns on load in this game mode. Fish and animal spawn rates have been lowered. Health and stamina regen speed is also decreased when cold. Lastly is the increased penalty for consuming raw or rotten meats.

Hard Survival Difficulty Mode Guide


Hard mode - drying rack

With the fish, animal, and food spawn rate drastically reduced in Hard Survival Difficulty, and to reduce the increased penalty for consuming raw or rotten meats. You need to learn how to preserve your meats, and what better option for that is to create a drying rack!

How to Build a drying rack in Sons of the Forest

To build the Drying Rack, you’ll need 13 sticks, which can be gathered from the surrounding environment. Once you have the sticks, simply walk up to the Drying Rack with them in your inventory and press the “E” key then place them in the designated slots. 

Hard mode - drying rack

Not only does the Drying Rack provide extra storage space for your food, but it also allows you to preserve your fresh meats and fish so they last longer in your inventory.

Decreased target health and stamina regen speed while cold

With the reduced health and stamina regen when it’s cold, survival in Hard Survival Difficulty can be a real pain. You might want something to warm you up. and what better item for that than the hide armor. This will help keep you warm in cold environments, combine it with jackets and a torch for extra warmth. Not only does the hide armor provide you with warmth but will give you armor and protection as well! so you can hack and slash away at the cannibals for survival.

How to Get the Hide Armor in Sons of the Forest

To get Hide armor, you’ll have to first get Two hides and one cloth per piece of Hide Armor that you would like to craft. Creating a full set would amount to Twenty Hides and Ten Cloths. Cloths can be found all around the map, mostly around campsites.

Hard mode - Hide armor

But getting the Animal hide in Hard Survival Difficulty is a bit more difficult than gathering cloth. As deer and moose tend to run once you are nearby. You can find these animals roaming around the forest.

It is highly recommended to use a long ranged weapon, either a bow or a gun if you’d like to increase the chances of successfully hunting them.

Hard mode - Hide armor

After killing the deer or moose, get close to it and press the E key on the corpse to begin skinning the animal. you’ll receive one piece of animal hide for each deer and two pieces of animal hide for each moose. Scroll for more Hard Survival Difficulty tips!

Hard mode - Hide armor

Once you’ve gathered all the materials that you need. go to your inventory and select combine on the Cloth and Animal Hide and press start combining.

Hard mode - Hide armor

You’ll see a piece of Hide Armor appear in the Crafting Area then you can put it on immediately.

Hard Survival Difficulty Mode is not for the weak and faint of heart, the Hard mode difficulty levels up quite a notch. not only are the resources limited, but enemies will spawn more frequently and deal increased damage to you. That’s where the armor will come quite in handy. This difficulty level is truly an arena where only the strong can survive, as you will have to rely on your wits and surroundings to make it through the numerous attacks. This difficulty is ideal for seasoned veterans looking to experience a challenge.

We hope you’ve found our Hard Survival Difficulty Guide helpful and please share your thoughts on our Official Community Discord. Now why not take a look at our Sons of the Forest guides and interactive map!


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