Sons of the Forest Priest Outfit Location

Sons of the Forest just released Patch 15 which includes many updates, fixes and a couple of new bits of content, one of those includes the Priest Outfit and in this guide, we are going to show you where it’s located.

Priest Outfit

The Priest Outfit Location

You are going to need to make sure your cardio is good as you will need to make your way up into the central mountains of the map! An essential item we suggest you take with you on the adventure into the mountains is the Sledge!! Oh, and some food.

Priest Outfit Location

As you can see from our interactive map, this is the location of the cabin which houses the location of the Priest Outfit.

Priest Outfit Location Cabin

There shouldn’t be too many enemies around so feel free to head up to the cabin when you are ready. When you get inside you see a Skeleton laying on the floor, just under his leg is the Priest outfit. If its easier for you, we’ve added a video below here.

The Gore Couch

If you missed out on Patch 14, do not worry, we have you covered here. In Patch 14 the Sons of the Forest Devs added a disgusting Gore Couch to the game which can also be found where you find the Priest Outfit – perfect!

I hope you found this Guide to the Priest Outfit useful. If you have any questions regarding Sons Of the Forest or need more info feel free to join our Community Discord or check out other articles here.




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