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Sons of the Forest New Cave Location

Endnight Games have dropped Patch #14 for Sons of the Forest. One of the main features of this patch is the addition of a brand new Cave location! Typically, when a new Cave location is added to the game, more story elements or items are added within the cave. Let’s check out the location.

New Cave Location

New Cave Location Cave G on map

As seen above, the new Cave is labelled as “Cave G” in the game. Cave G is located in the top right corner of the map. The entrance to the Cave is actually inside the house located above the Cave.

Sons of the Forest new cave location entrance

Once you break the wooden barricade down and enter the house, you’ll see another set of planks blocking the entrance to the cave.

new cave location image inside

After you’re through, the first item of interest you’ll come across is a piece of paper on two skeletons. The piece of paper shows what seems to be explaining that the artifacts are split into 6 pieces.

new cave location 6 artifact image

As you progress further into the cave through usual methods, such as sliding down some ropes deeper into the cave, the next and possibly most important item in the new cave location is up ahead – Artifact E. The Artifact is easy to location, look out for some golden skeletons and an object emitting lightning.

Once you’ve picked up the Artifact, right behind you is a small waterfall that can be passed through. Pass through the waterfall, you’ll soon find a piece of paper laying on a wooden plank. This is the Blueprint for the Grinder Trap. Picking up and inspecting the Blueprint will show you all the materials required to make the Grinder Trap.

At this point you’ve collected and seen all the most important parts of the new cave location! Cave G in Patch 14 provided a nice additional touch to the games story potential, fleshing out some more exploration content and more. You can begin to head back out the cave the way you came – you’re finished!

The Sons of the Forest’s new cave is an interesting bit of exploration, however, Patch 14 brought more than just Cave G into the game! Check out the full Patch 14 notes here. To talk more about Sons of the Forest or perhaps other games – join our official Discord community!


Kelvin The Son of the Forest

Kelvin The Son of the Forest

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