Grounded Patch 1.2.5

Grounded have just released patch 1.2.5 to everyone! Make sure to update your game as soon as you can.

Ultimate Guide for Grounded

Grounded Ultimate Guide

This guide will show you the basics, the essentials, and how to complete the game. Surely you’ll learn something whether you are a beginner or a veteran!

Grounded Coziness Guide

After the 1.2 Update, they introduced the new “Coziness” mechanic that will make your base building more rewarding! You can unlock new items that you can use to improve your base and even get some buffs while you are in your base. This article will guide you in maximizing your coziness level. With the intro […]

How to get the Mother Demon Set guide in Grounded

Mother Demon Set

The Mother Demon Set from Grounded is a strong equipment set. You can acquire these armors and weapon by defeating the infamous Broodmother. When equipped you can be as poisonous as the Broodmother.