Infected Broodmother Trinket Guide

Infected Broodmother Trinket Grounded

Want to try a new style of fighting in Grounded? Well with this new trinket, you can try a summoner build. When using the Bard’s bow with Apex Predator, Mom Genes and Mansterious Stranger mutations with the new trinket to make your summoned creature’s damage have a higher output. As the Apex Predator mutation allows the Bard’s Bow to summon wasps, Mom Genes that summon spiderlings, and the Mansterious Stranger that summons a Mant when attacking.

How to get the Infected Broodmother Trinket

The trinket can only be acquired by defeating the Infected Broodmother, the boss can be found in the Haze area near to the left of Haze Lab.

Infected Broodmother Map Location

The Infected Broodmother Trinket is a tier III item and has a 1% chance drop upon killing the Infected Broodmother. You can also get this trinket via the Rascal Rogue mutation. For more information on defeating the Infected Broodmother, check out our guide.

Infected Broodmother Trinket

If you want to get multiple copies of the trinket but don’t want to fight the boss repeatedly you can always use the Super Duper Machine to duplicate it. The duplication cost of the trinket is 10,000 Raw Science.

Infected Broodmother Trinket Duplication Cost (10000 Raw Science)

Trinket Effect

Equipping the trinket the player gains the Blastwave buff. This buff enables the player’s summoned creatures to cause mini explosions when attacking. It has a 25% chance of occurring and deals 70 damage, be wary though as these explosions can also damage players.


With more and more trinkets and items appearing like this in Grounded, maybe in the future, we can expect a full-on summoner build.

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