Pond Lab Guide for Grounded

The Pond Lab is an underwater lab found in the depths of the Koi Pond. This really is a dangerous Quest and this Guide will aim to help you be prepared for this one.

Letโ€™s assume youโ€™ve made your way through the Hedge Lab and have got yourself an initial base setup. Youโ€™re going to want some equipment to help you survive in the Pond.

Grounded Pond Lab


Before heading into the depths of the Pond you are going to need at least the Gill Tube. We would recommend you upgrade to the Bubble Helmet if possible. There are other tools you can craft that will aid you even further such as the Fin Flops, Liquid Gills & Fluid Flippers.

Gill Tube โ€“ A mouthpiece formed out of eelgrass strands and other hydrophobic materials. Creates a thin air pocket that allows for 40 more seconds, totaling for 80 seconds of underwater breath.

Bubble Helmet โ€“ An improved piece of breathing equipment that combines sunken bones and other hydrophobic materials. Adding 80 seconds of oxygen to the playerโ€™s oxygen meter, totaling out to 160 seconds of underwater breath.

Fin Flops โ€“ Made from boatman fins, eelgrass and lilypad wax at the Workbench, these fantastic flippers improve your swimming ability.

Liquid Gills โ€“ A scientific mystery that allows you to breathe underwater for a short time.

Fluid Flippers โ€“ A drinkable sludge that is scientifically proven to make you swim faster.

Once you have everything you think you need prepared, head to the edge of the pond. We recommend you setting up a small base here, at minimum putting put a lean to in case you need to respawn.

Reaching the Lab

Depending on how much preparation you did, will determine how much time you will have to find the lab. You need to head to the centre of the Koi Pond and swim to the very bottom. You want to be looking out for the big hole leading you to the depths. Be careful of the Diving Bell Spiders, they can be dangerous!

Pond Lab Entrance

Donโ€™t hesitate, collect a final breath of air from the air bubbles and start swimming down. Make your way past the Dinosaur head (if you have time, there is a spear in his mouth you can pick up) and keep swimming until you approach the lab. Look out for the RAW Science you as that is the first entrance to the Pond Lab. Be quick here, as you enter, head to your right and go all the way to the end where you will find a Biometric Scanner. Interact quickly with the scanner and head into the first room of the Lab.

Pond Lab Location

Just before the Biometric Scanner you may have noticed shelves full of goodies. Leave them to the end, but we recommend you pick up the Slime Lantern which will be helpful later.

Activating the Breakers

After having a quick look around the main room, there are two things you need to do before we move on. Number 1, set yourself a respawn point on the bed, itโ€™s highly likely you will die during this phase. Number 2, flip the Power Grid control switch as this activates the next step of the quest, Turning on the breakers. There are 3 to turn on in total and these are their locations.

Breaker 1

Breaker 1 โ€“ Found just outside the entrance you first came in, head to the right and enter the other Lab tunnel. Here you will need to swim through the windy corridors to the Breaker.

Breaker 2 โ€“ Found just outside the main entrance again, head back out and down to your left. You will spot it quite close to the entrance.

Breaker 2
Breaker 3

Breaker 3 โ€“ Found in the roots opposite the entrance. You wonโ€™t be able to see it at first, but head across and as you swim through the roots you will find the breaker.

Once all three are turned on, congratulations! You are ready to enter the Pond Lab Dome which you may have seen as you were searching around the Pond.

The Pond Lab

To enter the Main Pond Lab Dome you need to swim back outside the room you first entered and look up, you will see the hatch which was previously closed, now open! Enter the hatch, where you will be able to breath.

Main Pondlab Entrance

The first thing you want to do is make your way to the ramp which will lead you into a dark tunnel. Remember we suggested to keep hold of the Slime Lantern? Well, now is the time to equip it. Be careful navigating through the underwater tunnel system, youโ€™re bound to bump into a few spiders!

As you make your way out the other side, you will see the Power Grid Control computer which you need to interact with.

Pond Lab Superchip

When ready, head back to the main room where the big entrance hatch was, luckily you wonโ€™t have to go back through the scary dark spider infested tunnel if you donโ€™t want to, but you will need to fight some TAYZ.T.

Pond Lab Superchip

When it is safe to do so find the door that leads you up a ramp to the Dome Room. Pick up some bandages and granola bars on your way from the desk. You will need to fight a couple more TAYZ.T.

At the top of the ramp in the Dome room you will find the superchip and a computer. Mash the keys and watch the dome open up, itโ€™s very cool.

Pond Lab Superchip

The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place in Grounded โ€“ especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?


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