Thor’s Pendant Location

Trinkets in Grounded are a powerful accessory you can equip on your character. Let’s find Thor’s Pendant Location! Typically speaking the Trinkets will give you two positive effects, and one negative effect. However, there is one Trinket that seemingly has all positive effects, powerful ones at that.

The location of Thor’s Pendant is a quite dangerous place, as it resides in the Upper Yard close to the Stump Lab, so make sure to bring some good weapons & armour and healing items!

Step 1 to find Thor’s Pendant Location

You will have to find your way up to the upper yard, most of the time here at Grounded Database we craft Clover Roofs, which act as a ramp more than a roof for our intentions to help us get up! It may take quite a bit of resources (failing that you can make normal stairs) but there’s plenty nearby!

Ramp to the top!

Step 2

From here you will just want to start heading North-East of the Upper Yard. Once you are heading that direction keep following along until you reach a huge horizonal part of a tree. You will have to go around to the other side of it to find the way up!

Step 3

As a result of finding the map marker, you should be able to see a couple of Mushrooms, jump on top of them and jump across to the tree. After landing on the tree you will want to head right (as heading left would cause you to fall off the tree) and continue heading right hugging the wall. Once you have reached a part of the landscape that allows you to drop, you will have seen a small but noticeable gap in the tree. Head into this gap!

Mushroom to jump here.

Thor’s Pendant Location!

As a result of dropping into the little hidden nook of the tree you will see a bagged item on the ground, moving up to it will reveal that you have successfully found the Thor’s Pendant location! Thor’s Pendant will assist you greatly in general day to day adventuring in the Backyard due to its plethora of buffs it provides. Thor’s Pendant provides you with the following:

  • Health Regeneration (+1 HP / 10 sec)
  • Stamina Regeneration (+5 / 10)
  • Critical Hit Chance (+1%)
  • Critical Hit Damage (+10%)
  • Healing Received (+10%)
  • Sizzle Effect Resistance (+10%)
  • Attack Stamina Cost (-10%)
  • Stamina Regeneration Delay (-10%)
  • Hunger Drain Rate (-10%)
  • Thirst Drain Rate (-10%)

Enjoy the new found power of Thor’s Pendant! Should you be on the lookout for more powerful and useful Grounded Trinkets be sure to check out our Toxicology Badge Grounded Trinkets Guide!



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