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How to Use the Scoreboard in Grounded’s Playground Update

Grounded Developers recently opened a Public Test Server. Available for players to test out upcoming updates and features in Grounded. One feature in particular is the ability to add a Scoreboard in Grounded. This is done through the brand new Playgrounds Creative Mode! The Scoreboard requires a bit of setup to get it working with other objects in the game. Let’s check out how to use the Scoreboard in Grounded!

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How to use the Scoreboard in Grounded

Objects such as the Scoreboard require players to do more than simply place them down. There are various ways to link up your Scoreboard to activate it! For our example, we will use a Basketball Court, using the Scoreboard to – you guessed it, keep score!

You’ll want to place your Scoreboard in a location that makes sense. In Playgrounds, you can find the Scoreboard in the “Gameplay & Fun” Tab of your menu.

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Next, you will need to select an interactive object that you want to connect to your Scoreboard. In this case, we’ll select the Basketball Hoop. Place down the Basketball Hoop in the location of your choice!

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Now that you have your Basketball Hoop and Scoreboard set up, it’s time to connect them! To connect both objects, head over to the Basketball Hoop. When you are looking at the Basketball Hoop, you can press “Left-click”. Left-clicking the Basketball Hoop will begin creating a link, shaped like an arrow! Drag this arrow by running towards the Scoreboard. Once you’re at the Scoreboard, the link will “snap” onto the object, as soon as you see this, you can press “Left-click” again to connect the link!

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Now that the two objects are complete. It’s time to see how they interact! To do this, simply hold “o” and enter “Play Mode”. Make sure to spawn some Basketballs, now is the time to get your A-game on! If you can’t hit your shots, you’ll be there for a while! Once you score a shot, if everything is connected properly, the Scoreboard should tick up!

Scoreboard in Grounded score increase

You can use items like the Scoreboard in Grounded and Hoops in many ways, such as linking Fireworks to the Basketball Hoop to create a goal celebration! You can also make zones that trigger when players walk into them, ticking the Scoreboard up or spawning enemies! Playgrounds truly have a plethora of ways to create your fun!

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Thank you for checking out our guide on How to use the Scoreboard in Grounded! Playgrounds is a fantastic way for players to get creative in Obsidian’s backyard survival game. To join our community and discuss everything Grounded, or perhaps other games – check out our official Discord. For more information on Grounded, check out our main content page!


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