Power Droplet Location

There is a fair few options when approaching combat in Grounded. For instance there is ranged weapons, magical weapons, traps and the typical spears & swords that you’d see in most fantasy titles. Sometimes however, you just prefer to throw some haymakers. Fortunately enough Grounded supports this kind of playstyle with the Power Droplet! Lets find out where the Power Droplet Location is!

With the Power Droplet trinket equipped, you will gain the effect known as Fury. Fury allows weapon effects from Mutations be inherited by your unarmed attacks. This essentially means you can pick any or multiple damage boosting buffs from other weapon types and turn yourself into a lean mean punching machine!

Lets find the Power Droplet Location

Step 1. Locating the Javamatic

If you have progressed through the main quest line of Grounded you will have likely found the Javamatic. Finding this area will be essential to progressing up and finding the Power Droplet location as it is rather hidden!

X marks the spot.

Once you find this location in the Upper yard, the easiest way to approach climbing to reach the Power Droplet would be to move up the trash bags to the right of the X.

Step 2. Climbing the trash bags

As a result of needing to climb up to make this easier, we recommend using Clover Roofs. Once you create a ramp to reach the top of the trash, make your way up to the top!

Step 3. Traversing the brick wall

Once you are at the top this is perhaps the trickiest part. Firstly you need to identify where you need to drop down to the gaps in the brick wall. Once you have dropped head right across the wall and drop again. Secondly, head left of the wall and drop once more. Finally, take the right again and you will find at the end of the brick the Power Droplet! Be careful not to miss this trinket, as the Power Droplet is one of the more hidden trinkets in Grounded


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