Power Droplet Location

There is a fair few options when approaching combat in Grounded. For instance there is ranged weapons, magical weapons, traps and the typical spears & swords that you’d see in most fantasy titles. Sometimes however, you just prefer to throw some haymakers. Fortunately enough Grounded supports this kind of playstyle with the Power Droplet! Lets find out where the Power Droplet Location is!

With the Power Droplet trinket equipped, you will gain the effect known as Fury. Fury allows weapon effects from Mutations be inherited by your unarmed attacks. This essentially means you can pick any or multiple damage boosting buffs from other weapon types and turn yourself into a lean mean punching machine!

Lets find the Power Droplet Location

If you have progressed through the main quest line of Grounded you will have likely found the Javamatic. Finding this area will be essential to progressing up and finding the Power Droplet location as it is rather hidden!

The Javamatic is the key to reaching the Power Droplet, as we’ll be taking quite the adventure up above with the Javamatic itself. As a result, let’s take a look at the path we’ll use! Keep in mind that the Javamatic area is located within the Upper Yard, which is a slightly more difficult area within Grounded. As a result of the Power Droplet location being here, come prepared with at least semi-decent gear and consumables!

Grounded Power Droplet Location javamatic img

Now that you’ve found the Javamatic up in the Upper Yard area in Grounded, as seen in the image above, look for the extension plug sockets with a cable plugged into it. Be careful, however, if you stand too close to some of the sockets they’ll give you a fatal shock! You can see the sparks coming out of one of the sockets, as a result, we recommend simply running along the top side of the extension.

Next, jump up on top of the connected cable as seen above and head up towards the desk the Javamatic is sitting on. There’ll be plenty of directions to take and reasons to be up here, but for now, the Power Droplet location matters most!

power droplet location cable 2

Once you’re on top of the table, you’ll see past the calculator to your right yet another cable running along to the back of the table. Head over to the cable and follow it up towards the back of the Javamatic and the brick wall behind it.

power droplet location jump to leaf 1

At the top of the cable, you’ll want to turn your attention to the vines up along the brick wall. As you may have guessed at this point, the Power Droplet location is actually within the brick wall itself! This section of the guide is where it can get tricky so be ready! Using a Dandelion Tuft, run and jump towards the leaf shown above. Once you’re in the air, hit the “Shift” key to pull out your Tuft to reach the leaf.

power droplet location leaf 2

The next leaf to jump to is just to the right of where you landed on the first leaf, slightly above you! This jump can be tricky as the leaf is quite steep. Once you’re up on this leaf, jump over onto the vine branch and walk up onto the bricks.

grounded power droplet location brick area

The Power Droplet location is found between the woodwork and the gaps in the brick wall. This location is without a doubt one of the more hidden Trinket locations! Head into the gap and drop down between the bricks with your Dandelion Tuft to avoid fall damage.

power droplet location dandelion

Carry on forward in the same direction as the first drop down, and drop down between the bricks one more time with the Dandelion Tuft. From here on out, it is the same direction in a straight line. However, we’ll have to make two tricky jumps across to the next bricks.

power droplet location brick jump 1

To make this first jump, you’ll want to position yourself so you can run and jump away from the narrow brick passage. Once you’re out of the brick work, immediately turn back towards the wall and Dandelion Tuft your way back onto the new brick. This may take a few attempts!

power droplet location brick jump 2

The second and final brick jump requires a bit of positioning and timing. This is due to the fact you’ll hit your head on the brick above you, which does not allow room for error! Hug the right-side edge of the brick and jump just as you hit the edge of the brick. This should allow you to hit the right edge of the brick ahead. Carry on forward and you’ve reached the Power Droplet location!

power droplet location on ground

Now with the Power Droplet in your inventory, you can tick this Trinket off your list!

power droplet location trinket in inventory

For our visual guide – check out our Youtube!

Thank you for checking out our Grounded Trinket guide for the Power Droplet location! Want to check out more Grounded? Take a look at our Grounded home page! To join our community and talk about everything and anything gaming – head to our Community Discord.


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