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How To Create A Basketball Court In Groundeds Playground Update

The latest update to Grounded introduced Playgrounds! This is a space where players can create their own backyards… We thought it would be fun to put together a Basketball court to show off some of the new features!

basketball court in grounded - hoop

Basketball Court In Grounded

How To Create The Basketball Court

It was pretty fun putting this together, here we have 2 basketball nets, a functional scoreboard, and fireworks when a player scores!

To start, let’s place down floors and walls to create your court’s area. This also prevents the ball from going elsewhere, haha, you may feel like you don’t need walls but wait until you throw these basketballs.. they can go far, haha!

To get the objects you want to check out the build menu. From here you will be able to find all the objects you need, we’ve listed them below to help.

design objects
Weapons, Tools, & Equipment
Basketball Hoop
Storage & Utilities
Games & Fun

A really cool feature in the Playground mode is that you can add Fireworks! As you can see from the screenshot below, we went a little over the top with Fireworks so whenever anyone scores… all these fireworks launch – very cool!

We’ve put together a more comprehensive guide on how to link the objects together to make it functional. Here is how to link the Scoreboard together:

How to link Fireworks up:

Here is our official Discord if you want to join the community!


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