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Fungal Charm Location

There are many weird and wonderful Trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find and access fairly early on via various node locations is the Fungal Charm. As a result lets find the Fungal Charm Location! For this trinket, we will have to venture into the Haze!

Firstly, head towards the Haze as located above via the map. You will have found various nodes on the outskirts and will continue to find them deeper in the Haze too. As a result, our node in question is named β€œHaze Fungus”.

Secondly, if you are finding yourself unsure of what the Haze Fungus looks like, you will have typically spotted it many times without realizing! As a result, just keep a good eye on a lot of the fungal growths you see scattered throughout the Haze. Before diving into the Haze we would also advise to bring a Gas Mask or the Toxicology Badge!

Thirdly, cutting down the Haze Fungus will have you requiring a Tier 2 or higher Chopping tool. In this case the Insect Axe! Typically it is always worth making sure you will have the highest tier tools available to you in your playthrough. Also to help you at the Fungal Charm location.

Fungal Charm Location inventory image

Finally, after cutting down a healthy amount of Haze Fungus, you will eventually receive your Fungal Charm! The Fungal Charm is a simple yet effective charm that gives the user resistance against explosive damage! As a result, much with most Grounded trinkets, think ahead and plan your usage for this charm accordingly!


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