This is the most up to date Grounded Interactive Map. You will find all the Milk Molars, Collectables, BURG.L Chips, Lab Entrances and more!ย 

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Grounded Interactive Map

On this page you will find our Interactive Grounded Map with all the locations, such as weapons, creatures, resources and items you can find in the game. Of course, by taking a look at this map you are risking getting some spoilers, so take a look only if necessary!

Map Features

We’ve designed and created this map for gamers as we are people who actually play games, a lot. In fact we average around 5 – 7 hours a day gaming. Yeah, its a lot. This is why we’ve put this map together in a way that we think will be helpful to you. That is why we are constantly improving it everyday (We are not developers, and we have little resources so its takes us longer than most!).

Show All / Hide All

This feature will do what it says on the tin. You can use this to literally show all the locations on the map, or hide them all. What we like to do is hide all the locations and select just the ones we want to see. For example, you may just want to see all the Milk Molars.


We’ve set out these Categories into groups that we think are useful. Important Items, Locations, Items, Plants and Animals. Then you have a second category which shows that particular item, such as the Labs, Creatures, Science Points and more!


We have recently added the functionality to add images to the locations. So as we continue to play we will continue to add images to each location on the map so it makes it easier for you to find it!

3D View

A feature we really want to add at somepoint – once we understand the technology, is a 3d view. If you right click the map and drag your mouse around, you will see it changes from a top down birds eye view into a 3d view, without the 3D! We’re working on that bit…

Contribute to the MMO-Wiki Sons of the Forest Map

Everyone who contributes to this website comes from a Gaming Community. We do this for fun and we do it collaboratively. If you would like to join the community, or if you would like to contribute to the map here is how you can:

  • Join the Community. We’re all hanging out over on our Discord.
  • To Contribute to the Map, hit Login and Create an Account. You will then be able to submit locations which one of our team can approve!ย 
Assistant Manager Boss Fight

Grounded Item Locations

In our Interactive Grounded Map you will find all the enemy and resource locations. Such as the Milk Molars and the Mega Milk Molars, the Lab Entrances, Bosses such as the Broodmother and Mantis, and much more!ย 

Interactive Grounded Map

You will find Guides of each Badge, Equipment or Boss by clicking on the Icon on the Map then following the link. However we’ve put together some of the most searched items below:

We are constantly trying to improve our website experience for you, the viewer. That also mean collaboration. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know via discord.