Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded Featured Image

Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded

Getting around in Grounded can sometimes be quite dangerous. For example on the ground you will often find many dangerous creatures such as the terrifyingly big spiders. Once you notice those you will have wanted to hang out somewhere higher up, which presents its own dangers. That is of course until you discover a Dandelion Tuft or a Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded!

Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded image of using Tuft

Fluffy Dandelion Tufts Grounded are an equip-able trinket that allows you to activate it while falling. This prevents you from falling to your untimely demise and instead lets you drift softly and safely to the ground. Once activated you will notice a durability bar appear at the top of your screen, once the bar depletes your tuft will break and disappear forever. As a result make sure you have spares and that it is not going to break while youโ€™re in the sky! That could lead toโ€ฆ.some less than desirable results!

Alternatively however, there is also the option of coming across a Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded!

Fluffy Dandelion Tuft Grounded

Fluffy Dandelion Tufts Grounded are essentially rare but enhanced versions of the standard Dandelion Tuft. As a result it will have increased durability for example which can prove useful if you donโ€™t have many spares! However the Fluffy Dandelion Tuft is much less frequent to come across, you do however find them the same way as a standard Tuft. Simply find a Dandelion in the Backyard, cut it down with a tier 1 or above chopping tool and boom! Once you cut one down you will either receive a standard Dandelion Tuft or perhaps the much more rare Fluffy Dandelion Tuft, that simple!

Cut down one of these big Dandelionโ€™s and you will get 1-3 Tuftโ€™s usually drop with a chance of it being the improved Fluffy Dandelion Tuft!

After you get yourself the Fluffy Dandilion Tuft Grounded head over to see where to get all the other Trinkets and Badges!


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