Getting Started in Grounded


Grounded Crossplay

Is Grounded Crossplay? YES! Obsidian Entertainment have made Grounded a cross platform for Xbox, PC and STEAM users.

Use Ziplines to Transport Materials

Ziplines in Grounded are a way for you to move around the map quickly. As you progress through the game you will find you want to bring materials back to your base quickly.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Grounded

We absolutely love grounded and we have been playing it for some time now. Together we came up with some of our favourite tips and tricks that may help you

How to Get Pets in Grounded

We got super excited at the prospect of the ability and had to write about how to get pets in grounded. A couple of us simply like to have pets, as we do at home (although not an Aphid).

Pinch Whacker Location in Grounded

The chopping tools are an incredibly important item to have in the Backyard. Different Tiers of the tools within the game help you break and collect better materials throughout. There is a powerful tool that is not only Tier 3, but also a strong weapon for fighting the bugs throughout. We at Piratecrew will show you where to find the Pinch Whacker Location in Grounded!

Where to find Berries in Grounded

Being a miniaturized human in the perils of the Backyard can prove pretty daunting at times. Something as simple as picking fruits to a standard sized human is no easy task for our situation. Or at least you would think! However, it is very simple to obtain and extract berries, the main thing to know is – where to find Berries in Grounded!

Arachnophobia Safe Mode Featured img

How to enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode

There is many people out there that cannot stand to be within a mile of Spiders, and it’s understandable. Fortunately Obsidian Entertainment were aware of this when creating Grounded and have implemented an option for it. Lets see how to enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode and the various options available to the players of the game.

What is the ASL Terminal?

Straightaway you might recall coming across various Field Stations early on in Grounded. Within these Stations there are inaccessible terminals early on. The terminals in question are “ASL Terminals”. What is the ASL Terminal? You may ask. In that case, lets find out!

How to obtain fast early gear in Grounded

The most overwhelming moments of a Survival game such as Grounded will often be the first few hours. As a result of having so many paths and options to take, players in the Backyard may need a strong start. Lets hit the ground running and discover how to obtain fast early gear in Grounded!

Great First Base Location in Grounded

There are many different suitable base locations in Grounded and ultimately it will depend on you where you setup. It is useful to consider a few key factors before making your choice. The primary among these should include ease of access to water, food, materials and enemies.

Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded

As you move around the Backyard, you will find your hunger and thirst meter on your HUD. To prevent your thirst from dropping to zero and ultimately dying, you will need to find a source of Fresh Water.