How to use the Surveyor Scanner in Grounded

Grounded is a brand new Multiplayer Survival Co-op game where you play as a tiny Teenager. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard? In this Guide we will teach you How to use the Surveyor Scanner which can help you find resources to advance in Grounded.

As you move around the backyard you will find Research stations which contain a Survey Station. This tool allows you to find the resources you will be looking for.

How to use the Surveyor Scanner

How to use the Surveyor Scanner

Before you can use the Survey Scanner you need to activate it. This is no easy task and will require you to prepare for a small adventure into the Hedge. Make sure you have:

  • Food & Water
  • Armour & Weapons
  • A Torch

Turning on the Surveyor Scanner

Once you are ready and prepared for the journey to the hedge, head south east on your map to the Entrance to the hedge. You will want to look out for the Paperclip and Branch which will lead you up into the hedge via the Ascent Entrance.

How to use the Surveyor Scanner

Begin climbing the hedge, until you see the Red Cable which will lead you to a Juice Box. You can stop here for a quick drink before going down the Zipline. As soon as you start the decent down the Zipline look to your left, the lab entrance you see is where you need to go.

Survey Scanner

The Lab

Initially I thought the lab would be easy, it isn’t. Be careful as you enter this lab as there are defensive robots in there named RUZ.T and they do damage!

A great way to fight the RUZ.T’s is to keep your distance, a spear does very well against them as it has long range.

Once you take out the RUZ.T’s you need to make your way through the Lab to the glass pod at the back. In the Glass Pod you will find a Re-Reboot document which gives you some information on the Surveyor Scanner.

On the wall you will see a lever which you need to pull down to activate the Surveyor. When you’re ready, head back to a research lab and use the Surveyor. Here you will see you can search and see any resource on the map and where its located in Grounded.

How to use the Surveyor Scanner


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