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Shiny Salt Crystal Location

There are many weird and wonderful Trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find via nodes is the Shiny Salt Crystal. As a result lets find the Shiny Salt Crystal Location! For this trinket, we will have the chance to obtain it in a few places!

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Firstly, be prepared as this has one of the most dangerous sections of the map. Close in danger levels to the Undershed. Once you reach the location above you will be able to find what we would consider as one of the best Shiny Salt Crystal locations. However there also is a decent location you will be able to use as well in the Antlion Burrows. Perhaps you will find some Hot Chachas Candies too! Secondly, If you manage to find the bike, you will find the Spork with several Salt Clusters on it!

To successfully farm these nodes you will have to craft yourself a Tier 2 Busting tool, namely the Insect Hammer! We will always advise you to carry the highest tool tier possible at all times!

Shiny salt crystal location

Shiny Salt Crystal Location Image

Finally, once you reach the Spork location and find yourself the Salt Clusters, smash away! Between the Spork location and the Anthill Burrows, there will be a good chance you can farm yourself the Shiny Salt Crystal!

Once you will have found yourself lucky enough, the Shiny Salt Crystal will drop! This charm is particularly powerful when using Salty weapons, so prepare to bring this trinket along with you to fight any Grounded creature weak to Salty! Something to note also, the Salt Cluster node will always drop you Salty Shards, which allow you to upgrade your weapons to Salty status!


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