Wendell’s Undershed Lab Guide Grounded

Wendell’s Undershed Lab is home to the Mant boss and many other obstacles later on in the game. As a result, we’ll take you through each section of the Lab to progress the main story.

I thought the previous quest The Black Ant Lab was fantastic, but the Undershed really pushed the limit, it really is great fun and you will have a blast. Of course, this guide contains spoilers, but its also here to help you out if you want it. This was one of our favourite quests in Grounded.

Mant Lab Entrance
Wendell’s Lab Undershed Entrance

I’ll be honest, we were definitely under geared for this Lab but we gave it a go anyway to see if we can make our way through. We’ve broken the guide down into helpful areas so feel free to read the part that helps you the most.

The Undershed is full of very dangerous creatures such as the Black Widow, Termite Soldiers and Black Ox Beetles. It’s quite dark throughout this biome with small bits of areas giving a little bit of light. The goal is to make your way Under the shed, pass the Spider Cave where the Black Widow is and enter the Undershed Lab to meet Wendell Tully and fight Mant.

Preparation for Wendell’s Lab Under the Shed

This quest is one of the hardest on your Grounded adventure so far, so we recommend you take in the best gear you possibly could. You will have a couple of difficult fights to complete but it is possible and we know you can do it!

Armor – We suggest you have at least the Ladybug Armor, which is Tier 2, but, if you have the chance, you could farm yourself a Tier 3 Roly Poly, Fire Ant or Black Ox Armour.

Weapons – Weapons would depend if you are doing this solo, or as a team! If you are going solo, we recommend you taking a Sword and Shield, such as Antlion Greatsword and the Ladybird Shield. If you are going as a team, we recommend one “Tank” who will be blocking, one “Mage” who will have a staff, such as the Mint Staff and one “Ranged” with aBlack Ox Crossbow.

Health – Previously we recommended you take just bandages and protein bars, but you should prepare some Healbasa for this quest as its likely you will need to heal up quickly.

Consumables – Of course, make sure you have some food and water, if possible, get yourself a “Meal” such as the Black Ox Burger and we recommend you take a couple of smoothies such as the Boost Juice or Green Machine for extra Stamina, Liquid Rage for additional attack or the Human Food for Damage resist.

Tools – You will need a Torch, the Tier 3 Black Ox Hammer and the Tier 3 Termite Axe. Oh, and don’t forget a Dandelion Tuft.

Ladybug Armour Grounded

Activate the SCA.B on the Table

Before you can get the quest to go into the Undershed Lab you need to activate the SCA.B on the Table. To reach this, you will need to take climb the chair next to the table, be careful of all the Black Worker Ants and Black Soldier Ants. Climb the other side of the chair and use the Dandelion Tuft to glide over to the table. Here you will be able to turn on the SCA.B with your Tier 3 Black Ox Hammer.

SCA.B Grounded

Wendell’s Lab Location

Wendell’s Lab, aka The Under Shed Lab is pretty easy to find as you should be guided there by a quest marker, but, if you do have trouble finding it, below is a little map to help you out. As you’re looking up at the Shed, you want to head to the right hand side where you will see a battery. Just next to the battery is a gap under the shed which will lead you to a lab entrance door and ultimately to face the Mant..

Undershed Lab Location
The Undershed Lab Location

Lab Guide

The first area you will come into will be a large cave under the shed. This area is filled with valuable resources and dangerous creatures. As you enter, you will see a Research Lab on a pillar to the left. Head up there first but watch out for the Termites. Climb onto the pipe above the research station and make your way along the pipe. As you make your way along, on the left you will see an entrance to another pipe, this is your goal as this is the safest way to the Sink Hole. If your jumping skills are not great, you can make your way along the ground but it is the more dangerous path.

Undershed Lab with the Mant

As you reach the far side under the shed, you will be met with a giant sink hole. Albeit scary, you have made it to the right place. Watch our for the Mosquitos here. Its quite a challenge here but you need to jump your way around the side of the sink hole to the tunnel on the other side.


Making your way to the Black Widow

Congratulations (I think, haha!) you’ve made it to the Black Widow. If you have the Weapons and Armour to fight her, we recommend you killing it as it holds valuable resources. Should you not be prepared, you can run past but be careful because there are many Black Widowlings that are fast and will chase you. If you opt for this route, keep running until you get to the other side and you can hide up on the big plank of wood on the other side. You can’t miss it.

Black Widow - Mant

The Undershed Lab

At this point you should be through to the Undershed Lab. There is no special way to enter this lab, when you are ready head down to the door and make your way into the lab.

Undershed Lab - The Mant Boss

The first room you will be met by is some sort of surgery room. Head down into the next room where you will be able to set a respawn point in the beds provided. There is a Mite Loaf as you enter which will provide +Attack Stamina which will help when you meet Mant. Go through the door on your left. You will be met by Fire Worker Ants, Fire Soldier Ants and Infected Larva.

Undershed Lab - The Mant Boss

Behind this room is a switch which you need to pull to open the Mant Arena. Once flipped go back to the room with the beds and head to the other side. Go through the breach in the ceiling where you can fall into the Mant Arena.

The Mant Boss Fight

The Mant is a Boss Creature found in the Undershed Lab, blocking the path to Dr. Wendell Tully. It can only be defeated once, similar to the Assistant Manager.

Once you’ve entered the arena, you cannot leave until either you, or Mant is dead. As soon as you enter he will become aggressive and the fight will begin!

The Mant Boss

Phase 1

This phase the Mant has three attacks: a normal punch which is quite easy to block. A 3 hit combo which will move him forward quickly and a violent slam that reduces your movement speed. You should be able to navigate this phase quite easily.

Phase 2

At 75% health he will slam his chest and shout! Summoning a Fire Ant Worker, remember if you have a ranged weapon, they have weak eyes. He now gains access to two new attacks: a ranged spore bomb, its kind of gross but he will pick it from the fungal growth on his back and throw it at you. He will also unleash 3 close-range explosions.

Phase 3

At 50% health he will scream again, this time summoning a Fire Ant Soldier. He will also gain the ability to shoot a ball of web that can reel you in and slow you. The 3 hit combo you would have seen earlier is now a 4 hit combo.

When you defeat the Mant, you will unlock the Mantsterious Stranger Mutation. This has a chance of summoning the Mant to your aid. You will also gain access to a button which opens the way to the final area of the Undershed Lab.

Dr. Wendell Tully should await you in the final section of the Undershed Lab in Grounded!


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