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Sarah’s Charm Location

There are many weird and wonderful trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find and access later on is Sarah’s Charm. As a result lets find Sarah’s Charm Location! For this trinket we actually have to do something quite different this time around. To create Sarah’s Charm you actually will need to search for two different charms and craft them together to make Sarah’s Charm. These charms are the Left Elf Charm and Right Elf Charm.

Sarah's Charm Location underwater image

Left Elf Charm Location

Firstly to find the Left Elf Charm make sure to bring equipment suitable for diving underwater in the Pond. Once you head down to the floor of the Pond you should eventually come across a small base that requires the Assistant Manager’s Card. Enter the small base and follow it through until you reach a locked door.

Sarah's Charm Location Door

Secondly once you reach this door, use your Assistant Manger card to get through! As a result of having the card, you can find a chest inside that will contain the Left Elf Charm!

Sarah’s Charm Location

Sarah's Charm Location image 4

The Left Elf Charm provides you with a 10% chance to repair 25 durability when successfully blocking.

Right Elf Charm Location

First, to locate the Right Elf Charm, head towards the fallen tree stump in the Upper Grasslands. On your journeys you may also find Thor’s Pendant there too! Once you reach the location, search for a vertical tube-like entrance and proceed through. Make sure to bring a Dandelion tuft to avoid falling to an untimely doom! The inside of this location is a little topsy-turvy but fairly manageable to navigate, search for a chest similar to the one you discovered the Left Elf Charm in!

Sarah's Charm Location Right Charm image

On its own, the Right Elf Charm will provide you with a chance to heal the weapon when attacking! Now that we’ve obtained both pieces, lets find the Sarah’s Charm location – which happens to just be the Workbench!

Sarah's Charm Location GIF

Sarah’s Charm

Finally, head to your nearest Workbench and complete your Sarah’s Charm! Pond Moss is required to make this charm (and is found in large quantities close by to the Stump Lab), make sure to have a Tier 3 knife with you!

Sarah's Charm Location Inventory shot

As seen above, your freshly made Sarah’s Charm will combine the effects of both the Left and Right Elf Charm! This trinket can be very useful if you are running low on repair resources and require a helping hand in Grounded.


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