Great First Base Location in Grounded

There are many different suitable for great first base location in Grounded. Ultimately it will depend on you where you setup. It is useful to consider a few key factors before making your choice. The primary among these should include ease of access to water, food, materials and enemies. In this Guide we will show you where we think a Great First Base Location is, in Grounded.

Great First Base Location in Grounded
Example of a Base


Getting starting in Grounded can be tough. Early on, you will need frequent access to natural clean water. As you progress through the game, water will be easier to come by, but to get started we will be looking to drink the dew drops which sit on the Grass Leaves and as you pass by them, Juice Boxes are a reliable bet.

Field Station

Being close to a field station at the start of the game will help you analyse the materials and resources you collect throughout the game. This is how you discover new items and progress through the game.

Distance from Major Enemies

Orb Weavers, Larva, Black Soldier Ants and other creatures can be really powerful early on. Having a place to setup your base as you progress through the early stages is really important.

The First Best Base Location in Grounded

After leaving the starting area, just before you reach the research centre, head to your left and you will see the Baseball. You climb the baseball by walking up the stick in front of the Baseball. Although this is quite a small surface area, you can place down everything you need to get started in Grounded and have the Best Base Location. It ticks all the boxes we discussed.

The Research Station is close by, large enemies cannot climb and attack you at night and since there is many blades of grass, you will find ample amounts of Dew on the grass leaves. The alternative to Fresh Water is a juice box close by, right next to the Mysterious Machine.

More good reasons we think the Baseball is a great starting base location:

  • You can extend the base wider and higher with floors and stairs
  • Its high enough so insects can’t climb up and get you
  • Its located near the centre of the map


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