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Insulating Larva Spike Location

There are many weird and wonderful trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find and access later on is the Insulating Larva Spike. As a result lets find the Insulating Larva Spike Location! For this trinket, we will have the best chance to obtain it in the Upper Grasslands south of the Undershed!

Insulating Larva Spike Location

Insulating Larva Spike map location

You want to head to the location above first. This location is a particularly dangerous location as you start to cross the border between the lower and upper Grasslands in the Backyard. Once you arrive at this location on the map, you will have likely come across a large hole. However this is not just any hole, it’s a Ladybird Larva cave and also the best Insulating Larva Spike location!

Secondly, head down into the cave and begin your search for Ladybird Larva! To acquire the Insulating Larva Spike you will have to start farming and repeatedly taking out the Ladybird Larva down within the cave. The Insulating Larva Spike has a fairly low drop rate so patience is key! Keep at it long enough and you will see the charm in no time! However a word of warning, the Ladybird Larva are stronger than standard Larva found in the Lower Grasslands. Do not underestimate them!

Finally, as you can see above once you have secured your Insulating Larva Spike drop you will be able to utilize a powerful Sizzle protection effect! As a result this is a very powerful trinket. And will allow you to trivialize locations in Grounded .


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