Investigating the Oak Tree explosion

Shortly after discovering what weakened one of the lasers you will have witnessed the malfunction of a laser that consequently caused an explosion in the Backyard. We must now follow the trail and start Investigating the Oak Tree explosion and find BURG.L!

As always when starting out on your adventures in the Backyard in Grounded we recommend bringing your thirst and hunger meters to max before setting out. Finally now that we are ready, set out towards the Oak Tree! Generally speaking it should be fairly easy to find your way to the Oak Tree. If you become lost โ€“ look to the sky and you will quickly find your path once more.

Once you reach the Oak Tree you will quickly find some new resources. In this case, its Acorn! While investigating the Oak Tree explosion make sure you have a Pebblet Hammer at the ready. Get smashing and farm as much Acorn as possible while you are here. Harvesting Acorn will be very useful later as you will want to craft Acorn Armour before you venture out to tackle The Hedge Lab.

Afterwards, proceed to go to the back of the Oak Tree, towards the Pond โ€“ there you will find the entrance.

Thereโ€™s quite a surprise behind the leaf.

Explore the Lab

Surprisingly, once inside the Oak Tree, you will come across a Lab within! Not the usual set-up you would expect inside a tree! Soon after entering the lab you will have found a big button.

Once the button has been pressed you will have gained access to the main section of the Lab. Proceed further into the Lab, you will be met by a friendly Robot that isnโ€™t having the best of times. Help it up and start the dialogue with it!

Help BURG.L stand

Dialogue will begin once stood up.

As a result of conversing with BURG.L, you will learn how you potentially became tiny. Another issue that arises is that BURG.Lโ€™s memory has corrupted. Consequentially, you will have been tasked with retrieving โ€œSuper BURG.L Chipsโ€ to recover data lost to fix the SPAC.R and return to normal size.

Once you have finished talking with BURG.L, make sure you move across to the Biometric Scanner next to the ASL Terminal. As a result of using the Scanner you will now unlock the ASL Terminal for usage. With the Terminal you will be able to upgrade, gain recipes, quests and more.

What Is the ASL Terminal in GIF form!
Modern tech, in miniature form.

Once you have finished with the ASL Terminal, that will be about it! You will now have finished with the Oak Tree and ready to venture on in Grounded to recover all of the Super BURG.L Chips!


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