Broodmother Boss Fight Grounded

The Broodmother boss fight in Grounded is an optional boss fight you will come across during your playthrough. The Creature is found in the Hedge near the Hedge Lab. Specifically by the Frisbee. This boss is a repeatable fight in Grounded so long as you have the food or “bait” to summon the Hedge Broodmother. You can either solo the boss or fight it with friends.

Boss Preparation

As a result of heading into a battle that is far from easy, you will want to prepare a few things. Outside of the usual such as bringing healing items like Smoothies, Bandages or Granola Bars. Bringing the correct and hopefully not broken gear. You are required to bring one consumable that acts as bait for summoning the Broodmother. You will have to create the ‘Broodmother BLT! To unlock the recipe, find the Broodmother Research Notes in the outer area of the Hedge in an Outpost.

Head through the Hedge until you find this Frisbee.

Suggested Gear for Broodmother Boss fight Grounded

For this particular boss fight we recommend a personal favourite set-up to enter this battle with. The Broodmother is weak to Slashing and Spicy. So as a result we like to use the full Ladybug Armor set upgraded with Sleek and for the weapon we like to use the Tick Macuahuitl! This weapon might fly under the radar for some. But combined with the armour set of choice it packs a mighty punch! With the bonus healing from the Sleek Ladybug Armor and +Life Steal that the Tick Macuahuitl provides, you become a solo tank with decent damage and sustain. A force to be reckoned with! For this set-up we also recommend a shield such as the Ladybird Shield.

Two other suggested weapons due to the Broodmother having a Spicy weakness are the Spicy Coaltana and the Spicy Staff. Both very powerful weapons for this fight!

Now that you are prepared and ready, place the Broodmother BLT down and the fight will begin!

Broodmother Boss fight Grounded
Get ready.

Phase 1

The Hedge Broodmother’s fight begins and you will see a fairly epic scene of her descending from the hole in the ceiling. In Phase 1 she can perform a plethora of attacks. Such as an augmented version of the Wolf Spider’s leap lunge, the Orb Weaver’s 3-hit combo and a simple move like a bite. She can also be shot down by force.

Phase 2

At around 75% health, the Broodmother will phase switch, gaining several new abilities. These will include an augmented Wolf Spider 5-hit combo and the ability to leap away. Typically the leap will occur upon hitting the 75% threshold! During this time, the Broodmother will have spawned around 6 or 7 Spiderlings from the ceiling. Once you reach this phase, she will also be able to stun players with a screech that also reduces attack power. She will have the ability to poison you too.

More creepy crawlies.

Phase 3

Reaching 50% health will have triggered another phase switch. As a result the Broodmother’s defense increases by nearly 50%. One of the biggest changes however is that each leap will now spawn two keyword=’Orb Weaver Jr as well as the standard Spiderlings.

Getting hectic.

Phase 4

Reaching the 25% health threshold will trigger the final phase of the boss. You are nearly there! Each subsequent leap will no longer spawn the Spiderlings, but instead Orb Weaver Jr!

All in time!

Congratulations! You will have now defeated the Hedge Broodmother in Grounded! Once defeated claim your loot and craft powerful gear! Remember – the Hedge Broodmother is repeatable so long as you have more Broodmother BLTs at your disposal! Next up is the Orchid Mantis boss fight!

With your new strength, it is perhaps time to check out the Black Ant Lab or the Haze Lab!


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