Black Ox CrossBowBlack Ox CrossBowBlack Ox CrossBowA crossbow made of impossibly strong black ox parts.How to Craft …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:59:18
Crow CrossbowCrow Crossbow Crow Crossbow A crossbow made out of crow feathers. How to Craft This …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:59:03
Insect BowInsect Bow Insect Bow A high quality bow made of sturday chunks of various insects. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:58:47
Sprig BowSprig Bow Sprig Bow Perform attacks from a long distance. Requires arrows to be useful. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:58:31
Widow DaggerWidow Dagger Widow Dagger A fang from a legendary spider. Venom with an unmatched potency …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:57:58
Toenail ScimitarToenail Scimitar Toenail Scimitar A serious, swift, and noble weapon. Forged from uniquely sharp, serrated …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:57:40
Tiger Mosquito RapierTiger Mosquito Rapier Tiger Mosquito Rapier A rapier fashioned out of an even deadlier mosquito. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:57:26
Tick MacuahuitlTick Macuahuitl Tick Macuahuitl A violent bat crafted from tick fangs. How to Craft This …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:57:12
Termite AxeTermite Axe Termite Axe An axe made of the super sharp mandibles of a termite. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:56:57
Spicy StaffSpicy Staff Spicy Staff A staff made of Hot ChaChas spicy candy. Crafted by forbidden …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:56:40
Spicy CoaltanaSpicy Coaltana Spicy Coaltana Sear foes with a finely crafted blade, hammered out of tempered …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:56:27
Sour StaffSour Staff Sour Staff A staff made of Wormholes sour candy. Crafted by forbidden chemistry …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:56:12
Sour Battle-axeSour Battle-axe Sour Battle-axe A shockingly deadly axe that’s larger than necessary, packing the jolting …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:55:58
Scythe of BlossomsScythe of Blossoms Scythe of Blossoms A deadly, nimble scythe crafted from Mantis Chunks and …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:55:41
Salt Morning StarSalt Morning Star Salt Morning Star A heavy ball of hurt coated in shards of …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:55:27
Rusty SpearRusty Spear Rusty Spear A bacterially infectious spear crafted from sharp flakes of rust. How …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:55:13
Prod SmackerProd Smacker Prod Smacker An electric prod arm from a fallen service robot given a …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:54:58
Pinch WhackerPinch Whacker Pinch Whacker a pinchy grabby arm from a fallen robot repurposed as a …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:54:45
O.R.C. Disruption BombO.R.C. Disruption Bomb O.R.C. Disruption Bomb A shockingly sour bomb that acts as an EMP …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:54:32
Mint StaffMint Staff Mint Staff A staff made of Ice Caps fresh mints. Crafted by forbidden …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:54:18
Mint MaceMint Mace Mint Mace A giant club crafted from a chunk of Ice Caps mints. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:54:05
Fire Ant ClubFire Ant Club Fire Ant Club Exceptionally deadly club crafted from fire ant parts. How …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:53:50
Explosive Bur TrapExplosive Bur Trap Explosive Bur Trap Highly volatile, will explode as soon as somthing spicy …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:53:34
Club of the Mother DemonClub of the Mother Demon Club of the Mother Demon A spiked club built for …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:53:18
Black Ox HammerBlack Ox Hammer Black Ox Hammer A hammer so storng it can bust open almost …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:52:59
Antlion GreatswordAntlion Greatsword Antlion Greatsword Incredibly large and heavy. Uses multiple antlion pincers to form many …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:52:44
Stinger SpearStinger Spear Stinger Spear Supreme stabbing apparatus. How to Craft This Item Bee Stingerx1 Bee …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:52:30
SplatburstSplatburst Splatburst A bomb that’s covered in a sticky substance. Attaches to the first thing …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:52:15
Spider Fang DaggerSpider Fang Dagger Spider Fang Dagger A nimble dagger made from a wolf spider fang …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:50:57
Rotten Stinger SpearRotten Stinger Spear Rotten Stinger Spear A moldy spear found in the depths of the …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:50:42
Rotten Red Ant ClubRotten Red Ant Club Rotten Red Ant Club A rotting club found in a mysteriously …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:50:28
Red Ant ClubRed Ant Club Red Ant Club Meaty red ant leg perfect for beatings. How to …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:50:13
Mosquito NeedleMosquito Needle Mosquito Needle A fast and deadly rapier that mimics the functionality of a …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:49:56
Insect HammerInsect Hammer Insect Hammer A capable hammer made of durable bug parts that are much …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:49:42
Insect AxeInsect Axe Insect Axe Axe made up of sharp and strong bug parts. Sturdier and …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:49:28
Bone TridentBone Trident Bone Trident a hydrodynamic bone weapon that excels at underwater combat. How to …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:49:11
Bone DaggerBone Dagger Bone Dagger A diving knife made of more robust matertials, increasing the tool’s …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:48:47
Black Ant SwordBlack Ant Sword Black Ant Sword The Black Ant Sword is a weapon crafted from …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:48:23
Black Ant ShovelBlack Ant Shovel Black Ant Shovel The Black Ant Shovel is an upgrade to the …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:48:09
ThumbsupUnarmed FistUnarmed Fist Unarmed Fist Use the power of your fits to punch the enemy! How …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:47:56
TorchTorch Torch A torch that’s been improved by the power of science. Will light your …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:47:31
Spiky SprigSpiky Sprig Spiky Sprig A weaponized sprig with thorns at the end. How to Craft …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:47:18
Larva BladeLarva Blade Larva Blade A swift blade crafted from serrated larva pincers that poisons on …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:47:05
Repair ToolRepair Tool Repair Tool A small tool useful for reparing damaged structures. Taotally useless as …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:46:51
Pebblet SpearPebblet Spear Pebblet Spear A basic stabby weapon to keep creatures at bay. Can also …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:46:37
Pebblet HammerPebblet Hammer Pebblet Hammer A basic busting tool necessary to pound large things into smaller, …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:46:24
Pebblet DaggerPebblet Dagger Pebblet Dagger A handy tool for harvesting aquatic flora or for defending oneself …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:46:10
Pebblet AxePebblet Axe Pebblet Axe A basic chopping tool strong enough to hack into plant materials. …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:45:54
Larva BladeLarva Blade Larva Blade A swift blade crafted from serrated larva pincers that poisons on …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:45:38
BratburstBratburst Bratburst An incendiary sausage stuffed wtih reactive fungus and dry grass. Lays waste to …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:45:24
ShovelShovel Shovel The Acorn Shovel is used to harvest Clay, Sunken Bones, and Muddy Scales …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:44:37
Stone PebbleStone Pebble Stone Pebble A rock you pick up from the ground! You can use …2023/04/01Weapons and Tools2023-04-01 17:44:22