Wizard HatWizard HatWizard HatThe perfect hat to wear when pretending to be a magic slinging wizard.111’s …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:39:32
Widow SpaulderWidow Spaulder Widow Spaulder Light shoulder coverings crafted from parts of a black widow. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:39:21
Widow LeggingsWidow Leggings Widow Leggings Light legwear crafted from parts of a black widow. Poison …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:39:07
Widow HoodWidow Hood Widow Hood Light, practical headgear crafted from parts of a black widow. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:37:47
Termite ArmorTermite Armor Termite Armor Super tough armor fashioned from segments of a fallen termite. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:37:34
Crusty Roly Poly LegplatesCrusty Roly Poly Legplates Crusty Roly Poly Legplates A glorious set of legplates crafted from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:37:20
Crusty Roly Poly HelmetCrusty Roly Poly Helmet Crusty Roly Poly Helmet A glorious helmet crafted from the impenetrable …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:37:07
Crusty Roly Poly BreastplateCrusty Roly Poly Breastplate Crusty Roly Poly Breastplate A glorious breastplate crafted from the impenetrable …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:36:55
Roly Poly LegplatesRoly Poly Legplates Roly Poly Legplates A heavy set of thick legplates crafted from the …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:36:41
Roly Poly HelmetRoly Poly Helmet Roly Poly Helmet A glorious heavy helm worthy of Sparta, crafted from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:36:28
Roly Poly BreastplateRoly Poly Breastplate Roly Poly Breastplate A stunning heavy breastplated crafted from the impenetrable shell …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:36:14
Moth WrapMoth Wrap Moth Wrap A stylish head wrap made from moth parts Ranged Cut OTHER …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:36:01
Moth RobeMoth Robe Moth Robe A stylish robe made from moth parts Ranged Cut OTHER ARMOR …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:35:47
Moth LeggingsMoth Leggings Moth Leggings A stylish leggings made from moth parts Ranged Cut OTHER ARMOR …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:35:33
Mask of the Mother DemonMask of the Mother Demon Mask of the Mother Demon A foreboding helm crafted from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:35:20
Fluffy Pupa HatFluffy Pupa Hat Fluffy Pupa Hat An overly comfy hat crafted out of pupa leather. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:35:07
Fire Ant LegplatesFire Ant Legplates Fire Ant Legplates A black and red set of knee guards crafted …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:34:54
Fire Ant HelmetFire Ant Helmet Fire Ant Helmet A black and red kabuto crafted from fire ant …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:34:41
Fire Ant ChestplateFire Ant Chestplate Fire Ant Chestplate A black and red spaulder and gauntlet combo crafted …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:34:27
Black Ox LegwrapsBlack Ox Legwraps Black Ox Legwraps An intimidating set of leg wraps crafted out of …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:34:13
Black Ox HelmBlack Ox Helm Black Ox Helm An intimidating helmet crafted out of a black ox …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:34:00
Black Ox HarnessBlack Ox Harness Black Ox Harness An intimidating harness crafted out of a black ox …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:33:47
Assassin’s MaskAssassin’s Mask Assassin’s Mask A stunning mask built for speed and striking. Crafted from mantis …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:33:33
Assassin’s GreavesAssassin’s Greaves Assassin’s Greaves A pair of greaves built for speed and striking. Crafted from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:33:20
Assassin’s ChestplateAssassin’s Chestplate Assassin’s Chestplate Chest armor built for speed and striking. Crafted from mantis chunks …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:33:07
Antlion Wide BrimAntlion Wide Brim Antlion Wide Brim An impeccably fashionable hat made from antlion parts. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:32:53
Antlion SpursAntlion Spurs Antlion Spurs Leg armor made of antlion parts Sizzle Protection OTHER ARMOR …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:32:39
Antlion PonchoAntlion Poncho Antlion Poncho Chest armor made of antlion parts Sizzle Protection OTHER ARMOR …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:32:26
Spider Knee PadsSpider Knee Pads Spider Knee Pads Shiny and strong kneepads made from various spider pieces. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:32:12
Spider Shoulder GuardSpider Shoulder Guard Spider Shoulder Guard Fashioned from the hairy rump of an orb weaver. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:22:38
Spider HoodSpider Hood Spider Hood Intimidating headgear pieced together from various spider parts. Perfect for out …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:22:23
Rotten Bee Shoulder PadsRotten Bee Shoulder Pads Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads Intense spaulders made from tough bee parts. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:22:08
Rotten Bee Shin GuardsRotten Bee Shin Guards Rotten Bee Shin Guards Sleek shin protection crafted from bee parts. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:21:52
Rotten Bee Face MaskRotten Bee Face Mask Rotten Bee Face Mask An intimidating face mask that’s rotten and …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:21:37
Marksman’s CapMarksman’s Cap Marksman’s Cap A finely crafted hat adorned with an inky black strand of …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:21:22
Ladybug Shin GuardsLadybug Shin Guards Ladybug Shin Guards Protective shin armor made from bits of tough, beautiful …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:21:05
Ladybug FaceplateLadybug Faceplate Ladybug Faceplate A terrifying visage crafted from a shard of ladybug shell. Increases …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:20:50
Ladybug ChestplateLadybug Chestplate Ladybug Chestplate Torso armor crafted from shards of ladybug shell. Increases blocking strength. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:20:35
Koi Scale HelmetKoi Scale Helmet Koi Scale Helmet A stylish head piece of head gear made from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:20:20
Koi Scale GreavesKoi Scale Greaves Koi Scale Greaves Sturdy and hydrodynamic leg plates made from Koi Fish …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:19:55
Koi Scale ChestplateKoi Scale Chestplate Koi Scale Chestplate A sturdy chest piece made from Koi Fish Scales …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:19:30
Firefly Head LampFirefly Head Lamp Firefly Head Lamp A well crafted helmet that grants light while leaving …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:19:04
Bubble HelmetBubble Helmet Bubble Helmet An improved piece of respiration gear that combines sunken bones and …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:18:49
Black Ant LegplatesBlack Ant Legplates Black Ant Legplates Sleek black set of knee guards crafted from black …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:18:19
Black Ant HelmetBlack Ant Helmet Black Ant Helmet Sleek black kabuto crafted from black ant parts. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:18:04
Black Ant ChestplateBlack Ant Chestplate Black Ant Chestplate Sleek black spaulder and guantlet combo crafted from black …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:17:49
Bee Shoulder PadsBee Shoulder Pads Bee Shoulder Pads Intense spaulders made from tough bee parts that add …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:17:33
Bee Shin GuardsBee Shin Guards Bee Shin Guards Sleek shin protection crafted from bee parts and adds …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:17:17
Bee Face MaskBee Face Mask Bee Face Mask An intimidating face mask made of hard to gather …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:17:02
Red Ant Knee GuardsRed Ant Knee Guards Red Ant Knee Guards Sturdy knee guards formed out of red …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:14:38
Red Ant HelmetRed Ant Helmet Red Ant Helmet A fearsome kabuto crafted from a mix of red …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:14:25
Red Ant Arm GuardsRed Ant Arm Guards Red Ant Arm Guards A spaulder and gauntlet combo crafted from …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:14:11
Mite HatMite Hat Mite Hat A fuzzy, stylish hat that increases stamina efficiency. Hyper Stamina …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:13:56
Grub VestGrub Vest Grub Vest An aerodynamic vest made from smooth grub hide leather that lends …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:13:43
Grub LeggingsGrub Leggings Grub Leggings Slick and sick grub hide leggings that increase maximum stamina. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:13:29
Grub GogglesGrub Goggles Grub Goggles Stylish goggles crafted from smooth grub hide strips. Increases maximum stamina …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:13:15
Gill TubeGill Tube Gill Tube A mouthpiece formed out of eegrass strands and other hydrophobic materials. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:13:01
Fin Flops+Fin Flops+ Fin Flops+ Fashioned out of boatman fins and hydrodynamic materials, these inelegant flippers …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:12:34
Fin FlopsFin Flops Fin Flops Swim Speed OTHER ARMOR undefined2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:12:20
EyepatchEyepatch Eyepatch Whether it’s for an injury, strategy, or just plain fashion, this eyepatch will …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:11:48
Aphid SlippersAphid Slippers Aphid Slippers A pair of slippers made from slippery aphid meat. Not very …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:11:35
Acorn Leg PlatesAcorn Leg Plates Acorn Leg Plates Chunky leg protection crafted from shards of acorn that …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:11:15
Acorn Face MaskAcorn Face Mask Acorn Face Mask A spooky mask made from an acorn which insects …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:11:01
Acorn ChestplateAcorn Chestplate Acorn Chestplate Chunky torso protection crafted from acorn bits taht inspects find delicious. …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:10:47
Gas MaskGas Mask Gas Mask A wearable weevil face that filter hazardous haze. Gas Guard …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:10:32
Clover Shin GuardsClover Shin Guards Clover Shin Guards Thin, damp leg armor crafted from clovers and other …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:10:19
Clover PonchoClover Poncho Clover Poncho A breezy poncho crafted from clovers and plant fiber. Fuller …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:10:06
Clover HoodClover Hood Clover Hood A thin hood crafted from clovers and plant fiber. Fuller …2023/03/31Armor2023-03-31 18:09:51