Haze Lab Grounded Walkthrough

The Haze Lab in Grounded is where you will find the third Super Chip. The Haze Lab Super Chip. It is located deep in the haze surrounded by fungal growths and infestations. You will need to be prepared for this one! This Guide will show you the Haze Lab Location, what you need to prepare and walk you through the Lab to defeat the Infected Ladybug.

Haze Lab Location

Preparation for the Haze Lab Grounded

The Pond Lab we recently completed may seem a walk swim in the park compared to the Haze Lab. You will need to prepare for this Quest. We’ve put together a list of items that we think you should have, ready for the Haze Lab Superchip Quest. The Haze Lab Location is relatively easy to find so focusing on the preparation is key.

Armor – We suggest you have at least the Acorn Armor for this. It would be great if you could get Tier 2, but this should also be fine. Acorn Face Mask, Acorn Chestplate, Acorn Leg Plates.

Weapons – Our chosen weapon for this was a Tier Two Red Ant Club, but any Tier 2 weapon should suffice.

Bratburst – An incendiary sausage stuffed with reactive fungus and dry grass. Lays waste to everything in a small radius. This will be needed to blow open the door to The Haze Lab.

Bandages – It is likely you will take some damage during the Haze Lab quest so equip yourself with some Fiber Bandages. You hold onto your Granola Bars for any fights as they give instant health.

Gas Mask – Possibly the most important ingredient, The Gas Mask. You need this to filter out the hazardous haze. However, you can avoid using the Gas Mask by locating and equipping the Toxicology Badge!

It is also worth making sure you have enough Food and Water for the journey too!


When you are prepared and ready to go, head into the Haze. The Lab itself is surrounded by dangerous creatures that are infected by the Haze. Take your time and head towards the entrance.

Haze Lab Location
Haze Lab Location

Haze Lab Walkthrough

To Open the Haze Lab, first enter the Main Door. The main entrance door is blocked by a broken door that cannot be opened unless you bring the Bratburst we spoke about earlier on in the preparation section. Drop the explosive Bratburst at the door and take cover! Once inside press the Biometric Scanner and go into the Haze Lab. There is an alternative entrance via an underwater Pipe, but it is more troublesome so we recommend this way.

The Route via the Haze Lab is fairly straight forward until you come across an intersection with some TAYZ.Ts. One path will lead you to the Pipe entrance we mentioned before and the other will lead you deeper into the lab. Watch our for the explosive weevils!

You will head deeper into the Lab where you will come across a room of explosive fungal mushrooms. Here you have two choices, chop down the mushrooms, or run right through! We opted to run as fast as we could through the mushrooms – remember, they explode moments after you pass them.

Haze Lab

Press the button to your right as you enter the room. Here you will have a console and a big lever to switch, this will open up a door further into the Lab. Progress through the cave, following the black and red cables hanging from the ceiling which will lead you through some water and into a room with the Infected Ladybug.

The Infected Ladybug Fight

The final boss fight of the Haze Lab is very fun, but of course, very dangerous! The moment you enter the final room, the door will close behind the player until they either die, or, kill the Ladybug. You may have managed to kill a Ladybug on your way to the Haze lab, but this one has much more health and can summon infected foes depending on how many players are in the arena!

Haze Lab Ladybug Boss

The boss is fairly simple, take your time fighting the Infected Labybug and make sure you let your stamina regen while dodging any infected projectiles and the infected mushrooms. Go in for a light attack combo before backing off to let your stamina regenerate. If you have any Bratwurst left, they are very affective against the Infected Ladybug and will take her down quick.

Haze Lab Ladybug Boss

When you have defeated the Ladybug, there will be a Biometric Scanner next to the final door, if you can not cut down the final mushroom, set it off before quickly interacting with the Scanner to open the final door.

Haze Lab Superchip

Enter the final room to claim the Grounded Haze Super Chip!


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