How to Install Embiggening Cell in The JavaMatic Carafe – Troubles Brewin’

If you’ve found this article its due to one of two reasons. You have nearly completed Grounded and you are looking for a little guidance or you have Installed the Embiggening Cell and you want to reminisce at how great this quest was. The other reason for this guide is to help you complete the Module Defense phase.


Location of the Embiggening Cell

The JavaMatic is located in the Northern part of the backyard in Grounded. You are looking for the Coffee machine. You will recognise this place from when you did The Undershed Lab and The Stump Lab. Be careful when climbing on the batteries and plugs. The parts where electric flows will kill you!

Javamatic location


We’ve listed what we suggest you have as a bare minimum before starting this Troubles Brewin’ quest:

  • An Explosive – You are going to need an explosive such as the Bomb Arrow or the Bratburst to break the cracked glass on the Javamatic
  • Embiggening Cocktail – This is required for the quest, so make sure you have all the materials in your inventory for this. You don’t need to craft it, but you will throw it into the Javamatic.
  • T3 Weapons – During the defence phase, having fast, powerful weapons may be the difference between win or lose. We would suggest the Tick Macuahuitl, Spicy Staff, Sour Staff, Black Ox Crossbow & the Spicy Coaltana.
  • T2 / T3 Armor – If you are playing solo, some strong Roly Poly Armor will do great. If you are playing as a team, try and get a “Mage” and “Tank” and a “Ranged DPS”.
  • A Repair Tool – You will need the repair tool to fix up your base defences and the pink power modules.
  • Mushroom Bricks – These will be used to defend the Modules during the defence phase of the quest, the more you have, the more defences you can build.

Troubles Brewin’ at the Embiggening Cell

When you are ready to get started on the quest and you have everything prepared for the Embiggening Cell. Make you way up to the Javamatic Coffee machine and use your explosive to shatter the cracked glass.

Once you are inside you can climb to the middle of the machine and play your Embiggening Cell which you would have received from the previous quest.

Embiggening Cell Javamatic

After the cut scene head down to the 3 pink modules where you will find some Fire Worker Ants attacking. You will need to kill all the ants and save the modules. Once they are saved you will need to repair the modules.

Once you have defended and repaired the modules from the Ants, head back to chat to Wendell Tully. He will talk to you about building some defences and grant you access to his storage lab which is full of Mushroom Bricks! (Its basically under the Javamatic table)

Defend the MIX.R Modules

Its time to build your defences around the MIX.R Modules and get ready for a huge battle. Start building mushroom walls around the Modules. You can build this in anyway you see fit but the more layers, the better protection! This is how we setup our defences:

Embiggening Cell Defences

During the assault you will see a number of creatures from the backyard such as the Fire Ant Workers, First Ant Soldiers, Moths, Mosquitos, Bombardier Beetles, Black Ox Beetles.

The hardest part is covering all the area at the same time so this is where your high damage Tier 3 weapons will come into play to kill them quickly. Another really difficult part is when the Black Ox Beetles spawn. Something such as the Sour Staff heavy attack will come into play to do some damage over time while you bring our the big damage weapon.

This is the end! You have completed Grounded and when you’re ready, its time to go Big and time to go home.

Please Note: You will need to split save your game before the final quest. This way you make sure you can get back in. Should you wish to continue with any additional side quests or building up your base.


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