Roly Poly Armor

Roly Poly Armor is a Heavy class armor set crafted with Roly Poly armor parts. The piece effect Block Stun slowly stuns enemies while blocking their attacks. The sleek effect increases the overall strength of the block gauge with blocking enemy attacks. The set bonus Invincible Shielding draws the attention of attacking Creatures, allowing players to take on a ‘tank’ role. Great for The Undershed Lab and Mantis Boss.

Benefits of Roly Poly Armor

  • Heavy Armor – Substantial stamina increase required to swing weapons
  • +Block Stun – Increases enemy stun by 3 when blocking attacks.
  • Taunting Gaze – Increases creatures favorability of the player over other sources of aggression by 50%.

Sleek Effect

  • +Block Strength – Increases the block gauge by 50, allowing the player to take more damage before being stunned.

To gain access to the sleek effect in grounded, you will need to upgrade your armor past level 5 to see this hidden benefit.

Roly Poly HelmetLint Rope x5
Roly Poly Shell x3
Pupa Leather x5
Defense: 4/10
Resistance: +7.5%
Block Stun
Heavy Armor
Roly Poly BreastplateRoly Poly Part x8
Roly Poly Shell x2
Pupa Leather x7
Defense: 7/10
Resistance: +15%
+Block Stun
Heavy Armor
Roly Poly LegplatesRoly Poly Part x2
Roly Poly Shell x4
Lint Rope x7
Defense: 4/10
Resistance: +7.5%
+Block Stun
Heavy Armor
Gear Set Bonus: Taunting GazeIncreases enemies desire to attack you.
Roly Poly Armor is a Heavy class armor


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