Assistant Manager Boss Fight

The Assistant Manager boss fight in Grounded is a mandatory boss fight during the Black Ant Lab quest. The Creature can be found right at the end of the Black Ant Lab. This fight is a once per playthrough battle, but also an incredibly fun one! We thoroughly enjoyed this fight at MMO Wiki! You can either solo this fight or bring friends.

Boss Preparation & Suggested Gear

For this particular boss fight we recommend a personal favourite set-up to enter this battle with. The Assistant Manager is weak to Busting, Salty & Sour. So as a result we like to use the full Ladybug Armor set upgraded with Sleek and for the weapon we like to use the Red Ant Club! The Red Ant Club can either be upgraded with Mighty, Salty OR Sour as the weapon already has Busting properties. Sleek Ladybug Armour provides you with additional healing meaning all of the consumables for health you would use will provide bigger bursts of regeneration! A ranged alternative would be the Sour Staff!

Assistant Manager Boss Fight
We appear to be intruding.

Phase 1

The Assistant Manager will spawn two TAYZ.Ts and join the arena. It only has 2 attacks, a quick shot and a long charged shot. Kill the ads first and then focus on the Manager.

Assistant Manager
Donโ€™t get trapped outside.

Phase 2

Keep attacking the manager and at around 75% health it will enter Phase 2. 1 ARC.R and 2 TAYZ.Ts will spawn from above. It will also gain access to its lazer attack. The middle pylon will light up orange and lazers will shoot across the length of the room. You will need to duck and dodge these while still doing damage to the Assistant Manager.

Donโ€™t get sliced.

Phase 3

Once youโ€™ve made it through the initial lazers, killed the ads and continued to damage the Assistant Manager down to around 50% health, it enters Phase 3. Here, the last ARC.R and 2 TAYZ.Ts will spawn from above. In this phase, it gains access to shock pillars, there are 4 of them and they are located in each corner of the arena. We found the safest areas to be between the pillars and close to the centre rotating lazers. This fight gets very hectic, very quickly but it is great fun!


A few tips that may help should you get stuck:

  • Make sure you have Granola Bars, they are an instant health boost and can keep you going if you get low on health
  • Staggering the Assistant Manager while he is about to activate the lasers or the towers with the Coup de Grass or Chopper Mutations can prove extremely useful due to how it will cancel the attack and will go into a cooldown before it can use it again
  • Health and Stamina potions such as the Boost Juice or Fuzz on the Rocks will greatly help you in the fight!

Once youโ€™re done, grab the Assistant Managers Keycard from its body and head into the final room where you will find the Black Ant SUPER Chip. Congratulations, youโ€™ve made it through the Black Ant Lab and defeated the Assistant Manager boss fight in Grounded!

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