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Rotten Berry Charm Location

There are many weird and wonderful trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find fairly early on in the game is the Rotten Berry Charm! This trinket is pretty easy to obtain and also nets you the Pinch Whacker weapon too as an early tool to help you survive in Grounded. Lets find the Rotten Berry Charm Location!

Rotten Berry Charm Location map image

Firstly, the location shown above on the in-game map shows you that you can reach this area very early on with little to no gear. Once you head to the Berry Outpost you should come across a giant milk carton. As a result of this, take a peek at the brick wall to find an opening! A little word of warning, you will have to craft and bring some Bratburst grenades with you to destroy the entrance.

Secondly, make your way up to the entrance and destroy it! You will have to make yourself a way up, we usually recommend something like the Clover Roofs. Once you are in, you will have come across a chest with upgrade materials, the Pinch Whacker and the Rotten Berry Charm Location!

Rotten Berry Charm Location found!

Finally, as a result of finding the Rotten Berry Charm, collect your prize and pick it up! It is as simple as that, it is now yours to use as you wish!

This trinket is particularly powerful, allowing your Rotten gear to create poisonous clouds that deal damage over time! Remember to prepare accordingly with your build and use any of the trinkets from Grounded that fit your build best!


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