Stump Lab Guide in Grounded

This lab is called The Stump Lab and its an optional mini lab that you can find up inside the tree stump in the north east side of the Grounded backyard. The lab itself is really fun and although we say its optional you will find the Stump Auxiliary Chip and Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe Location inside The Stump Lab.

In this guide we plan to show you everything you need to know to successfully complete the Stump Lab. We’ve added a contents page so you can skip to the part your stuck on to avoids any spoilers.

The First Room

If you have a Dandelion Tuft, you can use it when falling down the hallway entrance, if you don’t just stick to the sides and you will take minimal damage. Once at the bottom you are greeted with a sideways room. Your goal here is to reach the top.

The route up is relatively simple to find but it defiantly took us a few tries! You start by heading to the end of the room and jump on the fallen pylon, from here you can jump on the computer box right above you. Then you jump across to the other computer box and then onto the big pillar in the centre of the room. From here you want to make your way onto the root sticking out and then onto the mud at the end of the room. Again here you turn around and jump back across the two computers and then onto the smaller curly root sticking out. This was the last jump and here you can jump straight up to the top of the room.

Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe

Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe Location

While climbing through the first room you will want to pick up the Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe. You will find it around half way up next to the window. You are going to need this for when you are ready to fight The Mantis.

Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe

The Second Room

The Second room is quite simple. Make your way to the bottom of the room and look for the Level A Clearance Console and interact with it. There is a small jumping puzzle to make your way back up the way you came in, use the root and the computer console and you will be out in no time.

Once you’ve made your way to the top you will need to fall back down to the bottom of the first room. The door you past as you first entered should now be open. As you enter you should see the Stump BURG.L Chip below you. Loot the chest then make your way out via the hole in the wall.

Stump Lab

We hope you enjoyed this Guide to the Stump Lab in Grounded. Below is a video gameplay walkthrough Guide which may also help.


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