Director Schmector Fight Grounded

During your adventures in the Backyard, you may have noticed a rather ominous and creepy looking orc head. As many things end up being in Grounded, it is explorable and holds a secret! A dark secret. To be more specific, Dr. Wendell Tullyโ€™s arch nemesis. As a result, lets push into Castle Moldorc and defeat the Director Schmector fight Grounded!

Rather creepy.

Location of Castle Moldorc & Director Schmector fight in Grounded

As seen above, Castle Moldorc resides up above the brickwork near the Koi Pond. To reach the higher side of the area, you must travel through to the Upper Yard and follow the brickwork along. After that, it wonโ€™t take you long to reach Moldorc! There is one issue however, it is very clear on first glance that there is no way up to the castle itself. To fix this issue, we must build! We recommend just cutting down as much nearby grass as you can find & making a small bridge of Grass Half Floors. Something to note, there is a lot of annoying Mosquitos and Tiger Mosquitos so be careful while constructing your bridge!

Donโ€™t look down!

Once you are across you may found yourself stuck once again. Make sure to climb a small bit up on the staircase to the right of the head & use a busting tool to press the button in! Once you have pressed the button in, youโ€™re ready to proceed! Head down into the broken floor in the mouth & follow the path until you reach a drop down. Preferably use a Dandelion Tuft to make your descent to avoid taking damage.

You had now found the Ominent Lab area Director Schmector resides within Castle Moldorc! Dr. Wendell Tully will have some dialog to talk through before proceed in which BURG.L will hack the door open for you, proceed in and eventually you will find a large open spaced room. This is where the Director Schmector fight in Grounded begins!

Director Schmector fight in Grounded begins!

Suggested Gear

For this particular boss fight we recommend a straight forward approach. Director Schmector is weak to Sour and Busting. As a result we suggest the Red Ant Armour set and either the Red Ant Club or Club of the Mother Demon with a Sour upgrade! This will provide you with maximum damage output as you will cover both weaknesses with your weapon, but also the Red Ant Armour provides a defense reduction of around 30%! As usual bring food & smoothies with you to keep yourself alive. At the very worst case, some Granola Bars!

Phase 1

The fight begins once the player presses the button in the middle of the room after a lengthy dialogue. The early stages of the fight are very reminiscent of the Assistant Manager boss fight, with it firing a charged static orb, a fast version, and the ARC.Rs lightning shock attack. A lot of Director Schmectorโ€™s attacks inflict Microstamina so be careful!

Phase 2

At around 80% health, Director Schmector will hit a dialogue trigger, this is the start of phase 2. This phase is similar to phase 1, with the addition of another attack similar to the Assistant Manager โ€“ a charged attack that is easily telegraphed, where he will smash his cannon into the ground. Once this attack occurs, the turrets dotted around the room will activate and fire static charge. The 4 from the corners will last a fairly long time, while the front wall versions will fire in a vertical line and end very fast. This can and typically will happen multiple times throughout the phase.

Phase 3

At 60% health, Director Schmector will again proceed with a line of dialogue indicating phase 3. Schmector will stop using the charged turret attack and replace it with a different variant. Now when he smashes the ground, 2 Orb Weaver Jrs will spawn from the 2 hatches located on the back wall and become hostile. The summoning of the bugs can happen multiple times throughout so make sure to stay on top of clearing them!

Phase 4

At 40% health, Director Schmector will as we expect by now, give us another line of dialogue, phase 4 starts now! In this phase, the slam down from Schmector will activate a set of horizontal moving lasers. The green lasers are in pairs of 2. One pair are stationary close to the door. The other pair move and wobbles through the room in a jagged motion. The beams move in opposite directions to each other, meaning you will have to navigate through them and avoid being hit while fighting Schmector!

Phase 5

At 20% health, Director Schmector will shout another dialogue line, this is the final phase. In this phase, EVERY ATTACK seen previously can be used at any time, this includes bug summoning and the lasers. Several of the attacks are initiated through the telegraphed smash to the ground so itโ€™s hard to know what is coming, just be prepared!

Congratulations you have defeated the Director Schmector fight in Grounded! Once you have finished the fight there isnโ€™t too much else to explore, in the cage being held high up on Castle Moldorc there is a Mega Milk Molar but aside from that, you are pretty much done! Once the fight is finished you will open an exit that leads out to the surrounding water. If you havenโ€™t already, go and challenge the Undershed Lab or the Stump Lab and push onward!


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