How to make Floors in Grounded

Starting out in Grounded and moving into the huge space of the Backyard may leave you both excited and wondering – where do I settle down? Fortunately Grounded allows you to create your own base to call home, and allows for quite a bit of creativity. When making your base initially however you may begin to realize something is missing and be questioning where the Floors are. Lets see how to make Floors in Grounded.

home sweet home.

How to make and unlock Floors in Grounded

In the very early portion of the game you will quickly find when building a base the Floors aren’t an option available to you. As a result of progressing through the game you will need to travel to the Oak Tree explosion – this will point you to the direction of unlocking the Grass Floors in Grounded!

Investigation time.

Once you are arrived at the Oak Lab and will have spoken to BURG.L, you should now be able to access the ASL Terminal. The terminal is the key to unlocking many features, such as expansions on house building, mutations, quests and more! Make sure to interact with the terminal, select the Science Shop section on the left of the screen and shop away!

Raw Science!

To use the Science Shop you will have to have had collected some Raw Science, the currency used to purchase from the shop. Once you are in the store you will want to select β€œMulti-Story Bases”. This will unlock you the following:

  • Grass Half Floor
  • Grass Floor
  • Triangle Floor
  • And more!

With the Floors now unlocked, we will use the Grass Floors as an example. Simply gather x4 Grass planks, and begin to construct – you’re done!

As a result, you can now build to your hearts desire! Make sure to check out our idea for a great first base location in Grounded!


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