Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded

Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded

The first thing most will want to know is – Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded? Grounded is an upcoming survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. As a result you and up to three friends will be surviving the elements of the backyard. Essentially you will be fending for yourself by finding food and water resources to keep yourself alive.

Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded?

As you move around the Backyard, you will find your hunger and thirst meter on your HUD. To prevent your thirst from dropping to zero and ultimately dying, you will need to find a source of Fresh Water. Along your journey you will often find pools of water dotted around the Backyard. The issue is however, more often than not this is actually Nasty Water. As a result of the water being nasty, this is will not help you at all.

But fear not! In this Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded Guide, we recommend one thing; look up to the skies.

When looking for Fresh Water early on in your Grounded journey, the only likely source you will find is actually droplets of water that appear on blades of grass. Of course, being tiny in a Backyard this means they’re actually towering above you – somewhere that isn’t often looked towards

However simply finding Fresh Water does not suddenly quench your thirst. You will need to find a way to get the droplet down to ground level – its time to get chopping! As a result of being high up, you will need to use your chopping tool such as a Pebblet Axe. This is to shake or even cut down the blade of grass and allow the droplet to fall. Once Fresh Water is found you will always know where to look to!

Should you find yourself surviving the night, you are in luck! As Fresh Water is much more abundant throughout the night. Use this to your advantage! Now that you know Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded we can look into alternative water sources.

Finally, a nice way to collect Fresh Water close to home would be to create both a Water Collector and a Dew Collector. As a result the Dew Collector will gather droplets overnight for you to enjoy!

Alternatives to Fresh Water

The further you progress into the Backyard of Grounded, the broader your options for survival. However, early on Fresh Water Dew Drops are your best friend for thirst. There is also an alternative that can save you in a pinch. As you explore the Backyard you may stumble across a juice box or perhaps a can of soda. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may find a drop of juice or soda nearby!

Ideally, you can even place a Water Collector beneath the straw and collect juice over time!

Juicy genius.

Keep an eye out at all times above you for Where to find Fresh Water in Grounded on blades of grass, juice and soda drops and you will surely survive! We hope.

Once fed and watered, it’s time to visit the Oak Tree or perhaps the Hedge lab.


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