How to obtain fast early gear in Grounded

The most overwhelming moments of a Survival game such as Grounded will often be the first few hours. As a result of having so many paths and options to take, players in the Backyard may need a strong start. Lets hit the ground running and discover how to obtain and craft fast early gear in Grounded!

Getting early gear in Grounded from minute one

Step one

Right off the get-go you will start your journey at the Kid’s Case. Firstly make sure you are picking up as much Plant Fiber, Pebblets and Sprigs on the way through. Follow the starting trench until you are out on flat ground. You will want to keep to keep moving straight forward from your original position. Until you eventually meet a leaf sheltered tunnel.

Step two

Once you have reached the tunnel, proceed through it and continue along the path. After a short distance of walking you will reach a tunnel with Clovers at the entrance.

Now that you have found the tunnel, proceed through to the next area. At this point on the other side you will want to make a slight left turn. Once you move a little further forward, you will stumble upon a Field Station and various giant foods. As a result of finding the Field Station, this is where the magic can happen.

Step three

Before you use the Field Station however, proceed forward past the food objects and Billy Hog’s tray. Finally, after moving a little further forward you will find a leaf hanging over a rock. Head over to the rock, after that, claim your first weapon of the game – the Rotten Larva Blade!

As can be seen, the Rotten Larva Blade is a fast but useful early game weapon. The blade boasts a decent amount of speed and the ability to poison threats.

Crafting your early gear in Grounded

Following the discovery of your first weapon – its time to head back to the Field Station you spotted earlier! As a result of picking up various items like Pebblets, Plant Fibers and Sprigs you can now begin to analyze and craft the tools needed to progress. You will be doing this with the Resource Analyzer inside the station.

Once you interact with the Resource Analyzer you will be met with this menu. As can be seen above you will have limited charges when analyzing items. As a result of this, you will begin by analyzing Pebblets. This is in order to unlock the Recipe for the Pebblet Axe – a staple tool for cutting.

Shortly after crafting your Pebblet Axe, very close by to the station is a set of Clovers. Proceed to cut down as many as possible for yourself. Correspondingly the early gear in Grounded you are going to be making is the Clover set. For this set you will require:
– 13 Clover Leaf
– 6 Crude Rope
– 2 Sprig

After gathering the required materials, make sure you check the giant tree log alongside the station. This is due to the requirement of needing 2x Sap to both analyze and create a Workbench, you will find plenty of sap here. Once you are analyzing the Sap you will also analyze a Clover Leaf and a Plant Fiber. As a result you will have unlocked the following relevant recipes:

  • Pebblet Axe
  • Crude Rope
  • Clover Hood
  • Clover Poncho
  • Clover Shin guards
  • Workbench
The power of r-r-raw SCIENCE!

Finishing the craft

Finally, on the home stretch you will now craft a Workbench right outside the station. Due to the Workbench being a requirement to create many things in Grounded. In this case, the Clover set. Chop down the nearest blade of grass to you and collect 3x Grass Planks. At this point in time you will have everything required to craft the whole set!

Once your Workbench is down you will now be able to craft your Clover set! Interact with the Workbench and select the shield icon, this will bring up the armour tab – craft away!

And there you have it! With a good bit of speed you will have now created and obtained a strong starter weapon in the Rotten Larva Blade, and a nice little bit of protection through the Clover armour set! This can be done in under 10 minutes with the know-how, leaving you more than equipped to start your adventure in the Backyard.

Geared up to go big and go home

Equipped well, you can now venture to the Oak Tree, and eventually to the Hedge Lab. You may need more Grounded upgrades down the line to take on the Pond Lab and Haze Lab.


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