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Intern Badge Location Grounded

There are many weird and wonderful Trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find and access later on in the games Upper Yard is the Intern Badge. As a result lets find the Intern Badge Location Grounded!

Intern Badge Location Grounded map

The Intern Badge Location Grounded

Once you will have headed to the location shown on the map above, you want to try and look out for a blue jar or bottle cap. Head towards the cap and drop down below it into a hole. Further down you will find some roots that WILL require a tier 3 chopping tool so be prepared!

Intern Badge Root

Once you have cut through the Dead Root, move onto the main room. Inside you will have found another pathway to head through but you will want to have stopped in the main area, to the left you will see a lean-to with yet another Ominent Employee’s corpse laying next to it.

Intern Badge Corpse

Approach the corpse and interact with it and here you will have found the Intern Badge Location Grounded! There is nothing else you are required to do from here on out, it’s that simple! This is a VERY dangerous end-game area and as a result you must be prepared for the dangers.

Intern Badge Location

The Intern Badge will increase your hauling strength. Allowing you to carry much more Grass Planks or Stems and so on. But the trade off is your movement speed will decrease your overall movement speed so as with all trinkets, use accordingly!


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