How to enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode

There is many people out there that cannot stand to be within a mile of Spiders in Grounded, and itโ€™s understandable. Fortunately Obsidian Entertainment were aware of this when creating Grounded and have implemented an option for it. Lets see how to enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode and the various options available to the players of the game.

Firstly you will want to head onto the Options menu, from there move over to the โ€œAccessibilityโ€ tab.

Easy to access

As you can see the very first option actually is the Arachnophobia Safe Mode. How nice of the Developers to put the option right at the top. This will have saved a lot of time! Not only will we show you how to enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode, but also the stages of the mod and the differences it will make for your gaming experience. You will end up seeing a lot of Spiders moving into the Hedge Lab area and by the Pond.

How to Enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode

WARNING: Ahead of this message we will be showing you the different stages of what the enabled Arachnophobia Safe Mode does for the players experience. As a result this will show the spiders from in-game and how they change, so be prepared!

Stage 0

No changes have been made to the spider.

Very frightening

Stage 1

The spider loses half of its legs.

Still quite frightening

Stage 2

This will remove all the legs on the spider, which is weird in its own way.

Weโ€™re getting there

Stage 3

This will remove the spiders front fangs once enabled, providing a much less aggressive image even if subtle.

Much better.

Stage 4

Once enabled this will turn the spider in two harmless blobs.

Almost funny at this point.

Stage 5

The spider is now effectively a Haribo-like creature.

Fears begone!

Finally, should you have had any worries or fears about the giant spiders in this game, rest assured that you can have a safe, terror-free Grounded experience. However a quick thing to note is that this will not decrease the difficulty of the game or change any gameplay functionality.


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