Grounded Hedge Lab Guide

Grounded has a bunch of cool places to discover and the Hedge Lab is one of them. The Hedge Lab is one of the first big quests you will come across and its not as easy as you may think! In this Grounded Hedge Lab Guide we will help you adventure into the Hedge. If you are looking for the Password locations, we have all the locations in our video too.

Hedge Lab Grounded

Prepare for the Hedge Lab

During your adventure to the Hedge Lab you will come across extreme heights, huge spiders as well as potential dehydration and starvation! Being prepared for the Hedge Lab will make the quest much more enjoyable. Before you head out, these are what we suggestion you bring with you:

  • Food & Water โ€“ An important ingredient to survival. Stock up on enough to keep you alive for a length journey. Update December 2022: There is now a Water machine as you first enter the Hedge Lab. You can drink direct or use it to refill your canteen.
  • Armor & Weapons โ€“ There will be enemies, big ones! You will need viable gear to take with you
  • Bandages โ€“ You will see combat on this adventure, bandages are a must
  • A Torch โ€“ Itโ€™s likely you will see a full day and night cycle, having a torch will help you see where your going
  • A Dandelion Tuft โ€“ Used to make sure you have chance of a soft landing in case you fall from the high branches
Hedge Lab Grounded

The Adventure Begins

Youโ€™re all set and ready for the adventure! There are two ways to find the Hedge Lab and the most fun way is to try and get some high ground and look for the huge Hedge. If youโ€™re struggling, you can open your map and find it in the South Eastern (bottom right) part of your map.

There are two entrances to the Hedge Lab that we found, weโ€™ve named them:

  • The Ascent Entrance
  • The Lower Entrance
Hedge Lab Location

The Ascent Entrance is by far the most fun and you can collect new resources along the route, so we suggest you try this route first. Head over to the Ascent Entrance area first, you will need to look out for a stick and paperclip that will lead you up into the Hedge. Be careful, there are some Larva, Orb Weavers and Bombardier Beetles to avoid on your way over.

Hedge Lab Grounded

The Ascent

As you start the ascent up into the hedge, you will come across a research station. Itโ€™s worth having a quick look in here as there is often a few Granola bars to put in your bag for later. We encourage you to think about saving your game here, this is where the adventure really starts!

When you are ready, start the climb up the branches following the red cable. As you progress higher you want to look for the Juice box. At the Juice box you can get your first drink and your first Zip Line.

Hedge Lab Grounded

As you fly down your first Zipline, look left, you will see your first Lab entrance. This is one you will want to explore as it may help us later on in our Grounded adventure.

Lab 1

Be careful as you enter this first lab, inside you will find your first enemy Robots called RUZ.T โ€“ these little guys are really aggressive. A good tip with fighting the RUZ.T is to kite them. Attack them and then back off, attack them and then back off. Keep doing that until you kill them.

Make your way to the back of the lab where you will be able to reboot the Surveyor Scanner.

Hedge Lab Grounded
Hedge Lab Grounded

After the Surveyor is active, head out the Lab, turning left as you exit continuing to follow the red cable. As you progress through the Hedge, watch out for the small spiders and keep an eye on your vital signs. You will find a second zipline which leads you down to a Frisbee. Jump on the Frisbee, again, defeating any small spiders you come across.

Hedge Lab Grounded

As you make your way across the Frisbee, you will find your third Zipline. This Zipline will lead you right into another Lab, here you may have to fight a small group of Spiders. In this Lab you will find some more resources and a smoothie or two in the chest.

Breaching the Hedge Lab

As you leave that Lab, you will need to take a sharp left turn and head up a dangerous climb to the final Zipline. This Zipline will finally take you into the Hedge Lab!

Hedge Lab Grounded

Welcome to the Hedge Lab! The room you are in, after the Zip Line will have a Biometric Scanner and you will need to interact with this. The computer next to you will turn on and you will need to Mash the Keys which takes you to the next part of your questโ€ฆ Find the Terminal Password.

Remember at the start of this guide we mentioned there will be Big Spiders? Well, youโ€™re about to meet a couple of Orb Weaver Jrโ€™s as you hunt for the Terminal Password.

As you first reach the Hedge Lab Breach you will now find a Water Cooler on the left hand side. This is a really nice quality of life update from the Developers as quite often we would end up in the Hedge needing a drink!

Hedge Lab Water Cooler

Finding the Password

You will need to go Room-to-Room clearing out any bugs and enemies looking for pieces of paper which will give you the full password.

(We missed it the first time, take a look on the wall of the Console room you will see a huge hint on the wall showing how you will find the password!)

Hedge Lab Grounded Password
Part of the Password Scribble
Hedge Lab Grounded Password

When all the bugs are dead and you have the Password. Go back to the terminal room where you need to interact with the computer and enter the Password.
Turn around and go through the door which leads you to the Hedge Super Chip!

Hedge Lab Superchip

Congratulations, youโ€™ve completed the Hedge Quest. You can now head back to BURG.L and hand in your quest. We hope this Grounded Hedge Lab Guide was helpful.


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