How to find whatever is weakening the laser in Grounded

As you progress through the game, you will find they get more challenging as you go. One of the first quests you will come across is to Find whatever is weakening the laser.

find whatever is weakening the laser

Find Whatever is Weakening the Laser

The quests requires a bit of crafting and is designed to introduce you to crafting. To be prepared you are going to need:

  • Pebblet Axe or Pebblet Spear
  • Pebblet Hammer
  • Torch

Your first task is to clear the Grass covering one of the lasers. You just need to head up to the grass and chop it down. Once done make your way to the base of the laser, here your quest will really begin. Before you go we suggest make sure you have full food and water.

When you arrive you will notice the Lawn Mites (small red bugs) eating into the wire and to save the wire, kill the Lawn Mites, loot their bodies and get ready to go into the dark.

find whatever is weakening the laser

Into the Dark

If you’ve not used your torch already, now you will need to! Equip your torch and your weapon and head down into the dark tunnel. Follow the Wire down into the Dark Tunnel, kill any bugs you find eating into the wire. Be careful, its scary and dark!

Once you get to the end and have cleared all the bugs you need to collect the Slime Mold Stalks and the dead Lawn Mites.

This is where your Pebblet Hammer will come in handy. Can you see the Stone wall? Use your Hammer to break it down and enter the secret room. In here you will find an important resource. Collect the extra Pebblets and Slime Mold Stalks and any other resources you find too.

find whatever is weakening the laser

When you are done down in the tunnel, return to the Mysterious Machine and the laser will be firing at full power!
If you struggle to get this complete the first time, don’t worry! Take a look at our First Base Location to get yourself setup and prepared for when you Find Whatever is Weakening the Laser in Grounded.


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